North Dakota: Muslim raped, terrorized gas station clerk, uttered “Allah Akbar” during assault – IOTW Report

North Dakota: Muslim raped, terrorized gas station clerk, uttered “Allah Akbar” during assault

CreepingSharia: MAPLETON, N.D. (Valley News Live) The man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman at Gordy’s Travel Plaza in Mapleton, North Dakota refused to show up to court this morning.

muslim ali rapist

A Cass County Sheriff Deputy tells us they will try again to get Abdulrahman Ali out of his jail cell and in front of the judge. If Ali refuses they may use probable cause and set bail.

Ali is facing 5 felony counts including; gross sexual imposition, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and two counts of terrorizing.  read more

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  1. !!???!!! WTF??? Granted, it’s been a few years since I’ve worked in a jail, but I can guarandamntee you that in my day that miserable piece of camel dung would have been taken out of his cell and taken before a magistrate when said magistrate sent for him. On his feet, on his back, on his head, one way or another.

    And I believe it’s kinda like spanking your kids: if they know for a certainty that you will if need be, you rarely have to. We have an entire generation of miscreants that have been taught that they can pretty much do as they damn well please and we will wring our hands and plead.

    Dammit! Give me a cattle prod; I’ll get the sonofabitch outa there and begging to go see the judge.

  2. he “refuses” to leave his cell? pepper spray him, beat him to the ground, shackle him, and drag his ass to court. what ever happened to fire hoses and black jacks?

  3. gross sexual imposition, kidnapping, aggravated assault, and two counts of terrorizing

    Why? If just one of these was against me my cracker ass would be jailed until the grave. How people do allllllll the crimes……


  4. Every agency in the country is scared to death of being sued. The damned lawyers and courts (more worthless lawyers) bear a very great deal of the responsibility for our civilization going to hell.

    Shakespeare had it right.

  5. I’m sure his defense is she was an infidel, therefore he doesn’t need to see a judge. POS needs to have a 50 lb. handweight dangling from his scrotum and then a quick pass of a scimitar to remove the offending bodily part.

  6. Cool cock, Abdulrahman. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more refugees like you to like sharia. It’s what makes America great.

  7. Well, it paints the whole muslim community in a bad light. Now, if they can’t manage to get this asshole out of the jsil cell, that would paint the whole community in a bad light.

    And exactly how big is that muslim community in Cass County?

  8. Naaah. Just track this shithead down, tie him spread eagle on a fence out in the No. Dakota wilderness, stuff some raw pork in his mouth and seal it with duct tape. Then blow his balls off with a 12 gauge using Royal Buck #4, and leave him to the elements. Would serve the sonovabitch right. No 72 virgins for him!!

    To use the motto of Ludwig von Mises: Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

    “Do not give in to evil, but rise up more forcefully against it”.
    Serious payback in spades!!!

  9. Is Lynch going to investigate that town for not providing an eight year old boy for that horny Muz? Poor faggot Muz had to dirty himself with a female since no 8 year old boys were available. Muhammed is shaking his head. A woman? Gross! I think Lynch should investigate.

  10. You want to lure him into the courtroom? Tell him the judge is a naked six year old boy. Watch him sprint to the pulpit like Usain Bolt.

  11. I read a book once. It was a crazy book but I read it anyway. I forget who wrote it, shit, I don’t even remember the name of it. But it was a great book, nothing like “Crime and Punishments” but along those lines.
    This bunch of guys got together in a bar and started chatting ,over a few beers, about just what the fuck was going on in this country. ( No, it’s not the Marines, they were a different bunch of guys) These guys were “regular guys” Steam fitters, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, truck drivers, oil riggers, bookies, burglars,horse trainers. jockeys, , bartenders janitors, elevator operators, civil engineers, electrical engineers, architects ; barge pilots; nurses. policemen, and firemen.
    What this bunch of near -do- wells decided to do was unbelievable . And totally illegal, but good..

    I’ll continue this tomorrow.

  12. Willygoatsguff. Ge right ahead Bro. Say what you think they said in this book. I’ll come back tomorrow. I hope BFH keeps it going for a week or two..

  13. To me this story is about the ND jailers kowtowed by PC, not that Ali is a violent and deranged musloid, though that is certainly most important to the victim. In addition to his fedgov “vetting” four years ago.

    Same reason no one snitched on San Bernardino Islamic IED factory.

  14. He probably already did and his mother and his brother and his aunties.
    The Somali community says he is a good man. isn’t that what good Muslims do?

  15. Pictures after the fact and a lot of publicity when his hide is found, if at all. Let’s the ‘Slimes know the score.

  16. No. Shit. It’s not like that. It’s about stone cold killers. “regular people,” just going apeshit. I’ll get back to you on this. Right now Mrs. Moe wants me to put the wash in the dryred. So I’m busy

  17. But, and this is something I never realized, steam fitters don’t like plumbers, they think they are full of shit. Really strange book. Carpenters think electricians are lazy, useless assholes. But that’s not the point of the book. It’s deeper than that. I’ll get back to you’all..

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