Stupid Study, Literally

Researchers in Hungary examined how people assessed whether a particular act was stupid or not. They found people tend to agree at rates of 90 percent in judging someone acting stupidly.


They determined that stupidity derives from three basis causes:

Confident ignorance – when someone overestimates their own abilities

Absent-mindedness – where a person simply forgets or wasn’t paying close enough attention

Lack of Self Control – when a person’s impulsiveness gets them into trouble.


You can decide for yourself which applies to the Obama voter, or Obama himself.

4 Comments on Stupid Study, Literally

  1. If you voted for Obama the first time, you’re stupid. If you you voted for him the second time, you’re a freakin’ idiot that doesn’t even know what is good for yourself.

  2. Little lord stompy pants isn’t any of these.

    Confidence ignorance: He knows exactly what he is doing and, so far, nobody has effectively countered him. Assuming his failures are a consequence of overconfidence or ignorance indicates a misunderstanding of his aims. He wants to grow government and diminish the individual. He has not failed.

    Absent mindedness: nope. He never, ever takes his eye off the ball. Every event is an opportunity to shift the narrative his way.

    Lack of self control: In Washington? That’s a virtue!

    President Cruz. Let’s let the responsible have a turn.

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