Northern Kentucky teen Gavin Ward, who inspired fundraisers to rebuild his car, dies of cancer

WCPO: HEBRON, Ky. — Sometimes the race doesn’t last as long as it could, and the finish line seems to come too soon.

Avid car fan Gavin Ward, 16, of Hebron, Kentucky died Friday morning. He was diagnosed with DIPG, a rare form of inoperable brain cancer that gained recognition in the Cincinnati area through the fundraising efforts of Lauren Hill, in 2019.

“That’s the hardest part. Two days ago he was revving cars. Bombing Mustangs. Having a good time,” Cars and Candy Foundation founder David Whitman said.

On Wednesday, Hamilton businesses in conjunction with The Cars and Candy Foundation held a fundraiser for Ward to raise money to finish rebuilding and putting a wrap on a Mitsubishi Eclipse he had started working on before the diagnosis. more here

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  1. May you be with the Lord and family members and friends who left earlier, Gavin. May your loved ones and friends be forever comforted.

  2. Bummer, 16 is way too young to die from an inoperable brain cancer. My dads oldest brother was 99 and also had an inoperable brain cancer when he died 3 years ago. As I’ve said before any kind of cancer sucks.

  3. …I met Gavin last week at the Boone County KY fair.

    Sort of.

    …Rather, I met a bunch of people his spirit touched so much that they proudly carried his name into battle on a purple Mitsubishi emblazoned with it on the trunk, with yellow ribbons painted all over it, each holding the name of a child with cancer. The car was not a lot to write home about because it had been prepped for demolition derby service, but it enthusiastically was voted Best Looking by hundreds of fans, and had the signal honor of having the Stars and Stripes held from it as the Anthem was sung. American after American, maskless and proud, singing the praises of what’s STILL the best Nation ON EARTH, while also getting to know Gavin a little and supporting the many children still fighting the good fight.

    Gavin’s battle on Earth is over, he has gone home to the Lord and is probably drifting happily on streets of gold as we speak. But if his fight inspired others in his situation to fight harder, to get some to donate to childhood cancer causes, to get others to voulenteer their time to help, then he’s done more good in his short time than many who have lived five times as long.

    I’m not going to say to donate to this or that, its not my blog and not my place and its best you vet your own charities.

    But if this story touched you, give something of youself to children with cancer. I could tell you some things, survivors like Brad could tell you much more, but all I will say is that anything that can help the young to fight this scourge is money ir time well spent, and the Lord blesses such endeavors.

    Love your children and your grandchildren.

    Because, as I said on an earlier post, you never really know how much time you have with them, so make the most of the time you have with them now.

    God Bless,

  4. Jethro I was able to bring the Mustang Club of Knoxville to do a drive by for one of my hospice patients. He lived near the start of the Tail of the Dragon. He was a total gearhead, worked at the Harley Davison store nearby in Maryville TN.

    One of the Mustang drivers that passed us had the accessory horn of ponies neighing, he laid it on heavy for us. 5 years ago and my mascara still runs a little…

  5. There but for the grace of God go we.

    Sixteen…I just cannot imagine. Dear Gavin, I hope you are finding lots of fun and love up there with cars, loved ones who passed before, and the love and peace of our Lord.

  6. Gavin I’m in my 80s, speeding in my open Jeep Wrangler with a bad muffler. This morning I’ll shift to neutral and put the pedal to the metal for you. And also add your name to our book of remembrances in our little Catholic Church in the woods here in rural Mississippi…….. Peace


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