Why The Left Has Turned On Cuomo

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But don’t confuse the far-left Democrats’ immediate reaction with a principled stand against sexual misconduct by a high-level Democratic predator.

Rather, it’s all about protecting the party, which is reeling in the polls after months of disastrous policy missteps on everything from COVID-19 to the economy.

Truth is, things look grim for the Democrats right now. The party knows this, and it’s panicking. More

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  1. Again… I Miss Limbaugh. This story would be three week days of 22 min first hour monologues’ and we would be getting tired of em lol.


  2. Don’t look at the open borders where Covid kids are being ushered over the border and being transported at your expense to a neighborhood near you. Look at handsy perv cuomo.

    The democrats are the doctors of distraction.

  3. Because he is a fraud that generally does not listen to them. His is no doubt a piece of shit, BUT if he was in a RED State, I bet he would have run as a RePubeLicker.

    He is Exactly what they would call a Toxic male. Biden is as well, but in his current Vegetative State he is easy to manipulate.

    A new York mobster runs New York because he does not own an Oil Company in TEXAS, Eh Bush?

    Pure Circumstance.

  4. Unless he is forced out and faces criminal charges in court, this is all meaningless lip-service, empty rhetoric, a smoke screen designed to provide feigned outrage condemning a sexual assaulter but in reality doing nothing of value because he is still there and they know he won’t resign.

    Ditto with the facade of a real criminal investigation by the Albany DA. They have snookered us so many time in the past, a promise of wrong doing getting exposed and prosecuted, but in the end nothing happens.

  5. On Youtube, The Podcast of the Lotus Eaters was using the Term “CUOMOSEXUAL” I had not heard it before.

    Funny, I hope it catches on.

  6. This is all about making sure that there’s no one in the way of Que Mala Harris in 2024, nothing more.

  7. There not so much turning on him as they are climbing over him. Even that idiot Newsom, who’s facing recall, had to weigh in today. “It’s time for him to go”. You too loser.

  8. “While things may look dim for Dems right now,”

    Dude, they’ve been kicking our ass for 30 years. We suck.

  9. They’re not worried about their party. They’re just building their own individual CYA statements since NOTHING will happen to him. When the NOTHING happens, then they can avoid any blowback on themselves by saying, “Hey, I said he should resign.”

  10. its a distraction. cummo is the sacrificial lamb.

    it wont work though. Everybody knows it was stolen and biddens a moron

  11. Seriously, is Cuomo retarded, because it sure seems to me like he is mentally retarded. Being from the South (Texas, really) it always seems that New Yorkers are speaking too fast. I know it’s a cultural thing and that they think Southerners speak too slowly, but Cuomo truly sounds retarded to me when he speaks. It’s as if he had been dropped on his head when he was a baby.

  12. In their otherwise laughable promoting day and night of some untested experimental vaxx they want Cuomo gone to place bigly distance between he and they due to the fact he murdered multitudes of elderly, a fact of which leads a straight line to the fiends of the democrat party. If they wanted to be rid of Cuomo due to predatory sex abuse and molestation to protect their swamp party, they would have done so with the long-time child- molester and sex assaulter of (8) women Joe Biden. Killing the elderly while croaking continuously about some toxic vaxx doesn’t quite fit into the game plan of things for the democrats and their accomplices.

  13. @Hambone

    Re: Sounding Retarded:
    That’s the New York/New Jersey Guido “tawk”
    Woodbridge, in Ontario Canada also has a similar retard Accent but we call them “Gino’s”
    My Kraut buddy calls them “Gino Vaseline’os”

    John Travolta Made a career out of it, Yet he is smart enough to obviously fly many types of planes. I guess he is a good actor IDK.

  14. “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”
    (dead white dude)

    izlamo delenda est …

  15. I’m thinking of looking who would replace him to get an idea of why they want him out.
    Then there’s the money. There’s always money involved.
    But, then, I don’t live there, so what do I care.

  16. A Rape-goat is better than a scape-goat when it comes to diverting the public’s attention from more important things.
    Cuomo the sacrificial goat.

  17. It’s all so damned phony. Democrats trying to achieve the moral high ground is like Bill Clinton walking to church carrying a bible.

    One second they’ll say “Fry Cuomo”, and the next second talk about how wonderful and liberating abortion is.

    They fall 10 feet for every inch they climb.

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