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Not a very popular superhero, but the comics were pretty good

I believe he hailed from Uranus.

The son of Porta Potty?

His cape was two-ply.

Does anyone else remember some of the details?

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  1. “FeCe Comics reports modern Toiletman to be played by a woman…”

    I believe they’re in the White House now. Shits and Giggles.

  2. Does he come armed with a turd knife? Cause if he does I could use his services to chop up my kids torpedos.

  3. He sometimes needs help with the larger villians from crossover superheroes Poopknife and The Plunger.

  4. esp,

    We had that exact problem in My Old House with the first “Low Flush” toilets.

    No one would take a crap unless there was a “Shit Stick” (obviously clean) in the Fancy bathrooms.

    You’d go into the can & inevitably someone would yell out, “Don’t forget the Shit Stick.”

    My mom even got into it, but she would get nervous when people came over.

  5. He works as a reporter at the Daily Constipator, the most popular daily newspaper in the shitty. He is greatly admired by a female reporter who also works there, a talkative gal named Di Rhea.

    The comics and TV program have huge following in Turdestan.

    OK, done. I’m out of TP.

  6. @Loco

    “Though it got close, the comic never made it to #1”

    Don’t be too hard on him, he made it to #2.

  7. faster than a load being flushed from a pre-AlGore toilet,
    more powerful than Al Bundy’s daily dump.
    “look, out in the Outhouse!”
    “it’s a turd”, “it’s stain” … “it’s …. Toilet Man!”

    cleverly disguised as the local Roto-Rooter Man, ToiletMan, with his handy pet Drain Snake roots out the foulness from society & malodorous crimes against the human senses, always getting to the bottom of the situation & plunging wrong-doers down into the bowels of the underworld & wiping away the dark smears that attack our porcelain conveniences
    Toilet Man! … Regularity, Fiber & the American Way!

    (remember kids, the job isn’t finished until the paperwork is done)

  8. Wipes out evil, flushes away evidence of wrongdoing. Yep, believe I have a copy of that comic someplace

  9. He always left a smear in the bowl that looked like Mark Ruffalo’s “Dr. Bruce Banner.”

  10. Well, I very much hate to admit I missed that one, back in the day. I do, however, recall hearing he’s now retired and spends his days loafing around in public pools. Hangs out with some geezer who shows off his hairy legs to the kiddies.



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