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Not just the IRS: Another agency is supersized in Biden’s spending bill


Daily Caller News Foundation
By Jack McEvoy

The Democrats’ massive climate spending package, which President Joe Biden signed into law on Tuesday, will give over $40 billion to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), just as the bill allocates almost $80 billion to expand the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The bill, dubbed the Inflation Reduction Act, includes $369 billion in total climate spending, and will give the EPA more than $40 billion in the current fiscal year to combat climate change, enforce environmental standards and secure “environmental justice,” according to a Congressional Research Service report. The EPA’s enacted budget for 2022’s fiscal year was about $9.5 billion, according to the agency figures, meaning the bill will more than quadruple the EPA’s current annual spending.

The IRS will use its $80 billion in new funding to hire 87,000 new agents as well as ramp up auditing and other enforcement mechanisms. Democrats claim that these measures will raise $124 billion in revenues from increased taxpayer compliance, according to their summary of the bill. more here

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  1. “Environmental Justice”, the EPAs new mission. If you live in a clean safe area, they will be relocating some “inner city” folks to your corner of the world, for “Justice” and “equity”.

  2. “increased taxpayer compliance”
    What do you want to bet the IRS will be used more against conservatives and conservative businesses.
    I’m sure none of the congresspersons will pay more tax.

  3. Agree 100% Cmn¢¢guy, a jizya of sorts. Democrat politicians worship themselves, you don’t have to join in their religion but you will pay for your “protection”.

  4. The “elite” know what’s causing climate change, they know it isn’t people, they know people can not stop it. This charade keeps the minions occupied while the money is syphoned away to build underground shelters for the elite to ride out the micro nova that comes at the end of this cycle of “climate change”.

    The Chicoms don’t need to give their people a diversion, there’s nothing their people can do for themselves anyway. But here, people could act if they knew the truth, hence the overwhelming need to disarm the people.

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