Biden’s inflation bill is ‘big win’ for Canada – IOTW Report

Biden’s inflation bill is ‘big win’ for Canada

After Canadian lobbying results in benefits for Canada — and PM Trudeau is celebrating.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau celebrated President Joe Biden signing into law the Inflation Reduction Act on Tuesday.

The celebration, however, was more than a simple gesture of goodwill among close allies. In fact, Trudeau has good reason to celebrate: The bill benefits Canadian companies.

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    2) I just spent $8.50 Canuckistan on 1 lb of Butter. Believe me, Canada Ain’t competing with the US.

    Conversion: $6.75us = $8.50can

    I doubt that’s what you pay in the States. Let me know.

  3. Oh, and according to the “NEWS” the shelves are empty of children’s Tylenol & similar Advil as per CP-24.

  4. Kcir “My asshole is still leading the charge to impoverishing his citizens.”

    Well he was “my asshole” too until we fled across the border (legally!) a few months ago.

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