First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After ‘Sharing Bed’ with Gay Men – IOTW Report

First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After ‘Sharing Bed’ with Gay Men

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26 Comments on First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After ‘Sharing Bed’ with Gay Men

  1. Faggots are so goddamn disgusting. They will literally stick their dick or their tongue in anything. Poor dog.

  2. “First Dog Infected With Monkeypox After ‘Sharing Bed’ with Gay Men”

    Why is Pedo Joe’s dog sleeping with gay men? I thought it was just around to blame when the Pedo shit on the floor.

  3. I don’t think sharing a bed with the dog is exactly the right way to put this? That’s being deceptive. I think it’s called beastiality.

  4. NBC actually has an article now acknowledging that it isn’t just contact but sexual contact that leads to the spread. Which means this dog, and also the little kid (at least one).

  5. Yep, I too read headline are “First Dog” and thought to Biden; but saw the breed wasn’t right. Joe(k) was injured pulling his dog’s tail!!!

    Well, canine hygiene requires licking of genetalia and anus; just like its owners. Not really a surprise, except that is was reported.

  6. How morally depraved these people are that use a dog to fulfill their vile and disgusting desires.
    We as a society deserve God’s punishment instead of His blessing for tolerating this kind of behavior.

  7. Five’ll get ya’ ten that it is Not the first dog that has been infected, it’s the first one we have heard about.

  8. TheMule AUGUST 18, 2022 AT 2:56 PM Talk to room service at any metropolitan hotel that hosts gay orgies and you better have a strong stomach. Feces, blood and vomit everywhere.

  9. They are trying to determine which mammals are susceptible to infection.”
    Answer, mammals that are rectally penetrated by gay men.
    Why haven’t the adoptive, gay parents of the four year old boy that got it, been arrested?

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