Not The Sort Of Hate CNN Wanted To Find Yesterday

Only a couple of dozen showed up for the “Unite the Right 2” march yesterday.  Then it was rained out, greatly disappointing the New York Times and Washington Post. Legal participants were vastly outnumbered by mask wearing antifa thugs or as CNN referred to them, “Anti-Hate” group members. Despite CNN’s white-washing, the antifa militants took to chanting simplistic slogans that all but gave their radical socialist game away to any honest person willing to listen. More

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  1. Mob mentality.
    Most, if not all these antifa haven’t heard a damn thing Trump has said, nor have they paid any attention to his actions. Mob mentality says to call Trump and his supporters nazi racist scum, and that gives them a free pass to attack, in their small mob mentality minds.

    It’s a fire started and stoked by the liberal media. Charges should be brought against the media including stripping them of any journalist achievements and licenses. Then go after universities and bias professors. Then improve the standards on what it means to be a journalist or professor and hold them accountable.

    It’s not an illness or sickness or disease – It’s criminal. There is no excuse for this behavior.

  2. If they are really against hate and fascism why do they wear masks and carry weapons? I’ve read that when ordered remove their masks they run away like little children!

  3. I’m convinced half of these professional “white supremacists” are FBI plants or informants.

    The same way they try to radicalize Islamists in the US, there is no reason to think they don’t use the same playbook for the alleged scourge if racism.

    I’ve seen it first hand. A number of years ago, there was an alleged “rightwing” DJ out of St. Louis who ran a whackadoo website under a fake name promoting the lunatic conspiracy theories about white people being created in a lab experiment gone wrong, etc., etc. He started messaging me in an attempt to see if I listened to some racist guy’s radio show.

    It serves their purpose to keep this racial animus alive. Beats investigating mosques or human traffickers I suppose.

  4. Wearing all black with balaclavas and hoodies in August in DC (90 degrees with 95% humidity) to protest. Brilliant! No one was maimed or died, the MSM still reported it with the usual emotional opinion instead of facts. Really wished only the “Anti-Hate” group and media showed up, and found out they had been totally trolled. That did kind of happen even if the media will not report it that way.

  5. All the protest videos I have seen of these antifa nuts, they are young and immensely stupid, and what ecp said.

  6. antifa are anything but anti-fascist.
    Yet the media continually falsely portrays them, law enforcement fails to enforce laws and when they do the state’s atty’s and judiciary fails to prosecute or sentence the law breakers.

    The media, democrat state’s attorneys and leftist judiciary are fanning the flames of sedition. Their actions are no less criminal.

  7. My sister lives in Charlottesville. State of emergency declared for the weekend, 1,200 cops brought in, checkpoints all around town, list of contaband prohibited downtown posted everwhere, hotels full with buses and hippie mobiles in the parking lots w/license plates from everywhere else and as far away as California. She spotted 3 pairs of short hair tough looking fellows she thought might be neoNazi types; her cop buddy said they were undercover cops. No altRight in town so the antifa fought among themselves and beat on the cops.
    Ejits. The antifa and the local politicians and the media.


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