Notre Dame’s basketball coach says she won’t hire anymore men – IOTW Report

Notre Dame’s basketball coach says she won’t hire anymore men

Discrimination, At What Price?

Notre Dame’s women’s basketball coach, Muffet McGraw has a simple policy when hiring assistant coaches; men need not apply.

McGraw recently took the opportunity at an NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four press conference to state to state her reasoning. “Men run the world. Men have the power. Men make the decisions…when you look at men’s basketball and 99 percent of the jobs go to men, why shouldn’t 100 or 99 percent of the jobs in women’s basketball go to women?”


BTW: Notre Dame lost to Baylor 81-80 in the final. Here

Baylor’s coaching staff Here

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  1. Little Miss Muffet sat on a Tuffet eating her curds and hay! Along came a male whiter and sat down beside her and caused her to have a livid pre menstrual bray!

  2. Well, she’ll HAVE to accept men who identify as “women,”
    or ones who mutilate themselves to “look like” women…

    …and THEN, there are all the tranny players who will HAVE to be allowed to play (SEE: the next Olympics)…might as well just throw out all the REAL women now and get on with trannyball teams.

  3. This seems either patently illegal or the perfect opportunity for a retread of the 1980s sitcom starring Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari called Bosom Buddies.

    If men just identify as women, you’re a science denying homophobe to exclude them.

    Like Marie Antwatnette said, “Let them munch rug”

  4. The proper criteria for hiring depends completely on the goals of the employer. If the main goal is to win games, that requires a specific set of attributes. If the main goal is to educate and inform the people on the team, that requires a different set. And if the target is effective blathering of SJW bullshit, then the primary criterion is possession of a pussy hat.

  5. Well, pardon my “phobic”, “misandric”, toxic masculinity infused white male patriarchic privilege, but I think Ms. Muffet brilliantly forecasts why still more actual men will avoid associating with, dating and/or marrying American women whom their spokeswomen speaking for the sisterhood endorse as proper.

    And whey not?

  6. The only so-called males (self-declared) that would have applied would have been genetic women who identify as men! Now in an ironic twist of fate, the only women that will apply will be genetic men who identify as women! So she/it will still end up with males!

  7. “Yes, dear. I’m vigilantly scanning the horizon for our new beardy overlords. Don’t worry. When I see them I will leap off this couch, and use my body as your human shield. You betcha.”

  8. I encourage Women’s sports, aka canyon yodeling, with occasional ball handling (no boys. Not that kind) to become more exclusionary and off putting to heteros.
    Save our girls! This ain’t sports. It’s lesbian recruiting and indoctrination.
    Go full lesbo scary ugly butch batshit nuts.
    It might just scare away the redeemables

  9. What’s to stop a man applying, being refused then suing based on discrimination as spoken by the person in charge of hiring? Doesn’t the left do that all the time.?

  10. Just as there’s nothing more virtuous than a reformed harlot, so too there’s nothing so radical as a lapsed Catholic (but who’s claiming to be the true Catholic)

    I’m seeing this everyday in family members and former classmates from a Jesuit High School. They’re getting increasingly nuts

  11. @PHenry:
    I quit watching mens’ basketball at any level due to the complete lack of fundamental skills and what the refs now allow – traveling, flops and the like. If I’m not willing to watch the bigger, faster athletes why in the WORLD would I watch the women?

  12. in the immortal words of Milton Freedman … ‘would you want to be operated for your brain tumor by only a doctor who has had a brain tumor?’

    when the enemy is thinning its own herd I heartily step aside … applaud even


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