Now It’s Arby’s Turn To Have a Progressive Employee Refuse To Serve a Police Officer

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  1. Have NOT eaten there since the Obamacare and MOOCHELLE diet rules were adopted by them….this is the 3rd strike and will never eat at this shithole again….

    it’s time we started picketing these folks too…hit them in the pocket book as their supporters only use EBT and our side has the money to put them down……

  2. I find myself more inclined to complain about the service provided by someone or someplace than I used to be. It’s my way of stopping the progress of obvious progressives.

  3. I read that the CEO of Arby’s apologized to the police. blah, blah, the behavior is not representative of company values.

    I didn’t read anything about the employee being fired who refused to serve the officer.

    Maybe the local PD just needs to make sure the local thugs are well aware that that Arby’s will no longer be patrolled. And it’s a gun free zone too.

  4. Only good thing at Arby’s is the jamocha (sp?) shake. Oh….and the guy’s voice on those ads, he sounds cool. Other than that. Yuck.

  5. If that ‘place of public accommodation’ had refused to serve a minority, a gender freak, a moose limb, you KNOW they would have gotten heat from some agency.

    So where is institutional support from local government at ALL levels. If they don’t react and speak out, they are complicit in the DISRESPECT for law and the officers who defend the law.
    Even in Floriduh.

  6. What an eejit. Did she seriously believe she would get public support for this idiocy? And what Blink said re: the employee getting fired.

    We used to have an Arby’s but they have been gone since about a year or so–I think that was the only one.

    I’ve eaten at Chik-Fil-A on the East Coast, though…dang I wish we had one of those.

  7. Was the employee fired?

    Was the employee female ?

    Was the employee black?

    Was the employee an unwed mother?

    Was the employee a father with children with more than one mother?

    Was the employee an Honor Student?

    Did the employee have an arrest record?

    Was the employee in re-hab?

    Just askin.’

  8. You mean the one about the loaded Italian sandwich that sez: “kindly respond with What part of Italian didn’t you understand Gusseppi”. That ad?
    Oh yeah… whut if the tables were turned and Churches Fried Chicken came out with one that said “What part of fried chicken didn’t you understand Rastus?”
    You’d never hear the end of it!

  9. Arby’s sells food? Looks like plastic crap.

    An update says Arby’s will review disciplinary action up to and including firing. What’s the delay?
    Arby’s was coming up on the NASDAQ especially since being sold by Wendy’s and most stores remodeled. I hope they sink like a rock.

  10. Uh…….Okay. I just meant that I thought his voice was cool. Wasn’t endorsing Italian bashing. Unless you mean Italian dressing, yeeeeech. Or Italian mafia……bada bing. Or Mussolini…….booooooo.

  11. A few answers: male employee. Race/color/ethnicity – box of racks stupid. Add the stupid manager to that.

    ” A Florida police union is calling for a national boycott of Arby’s after one of the restaurant’s employees allegedly refused to serve an officer this week, CBS Miami reports. According to Local 10 News, 19-year-old Kenneth Davenport failed to serve Sgt. Jennifer Martin, who was in uniform and driving a patrol car according to USA Today, after she ordered in the drive-thru. Davenport’s manager allegedly told Martin that Davenport didn’t want to serve her because she was an officer and laughed while telling her Davenport had the right to not serve her, but then gave her the food himself. She was ultimately given a refund, though, after deciding she didn’t want to eat the food. ”

  12. was there a manager present? how is this even a story. the cop should have immediately spoken to the manager. if the manager backed up the idiot employee, then it becomes a story. good luck next time you’re robbed…

  13. Heck! I wouldn’t have eaten it either! Who knows what those Leftard morons put in it!
    Haven’t been in an Arby’s for years. They’ve always sucked. And if you knew how they make their ‘roast beef’?! Geez!!

  14. Is the meat at Arby’s suppose to have a rainbow or is that
    just a sign it’s spoiled? Too much gender talk ruins my appetite.

  15. One word for Arby’s, bumpee. That’s the lighter end of what you’ll get eating there, you could get worms in your bum.

    I worked at Arby’s 33 years ago. I was a kid looking for hours somewhere and I was tasked with moving a roast one day. I dropped it and it smacked on the floor with a slap, but I caught it on the first bounce. I didn’t say anything besides, here you go.

  16. My wife and I continue to follow an idea found here or on Lucianne. We always carry a few $25 Academy Gift Cards. Whenever we come across a police officer who isn’t immediately busy, we introduce yourself, say we are troubled by the media and other promoting the idea that cops are the bad guys, let them know we appreciate their service to our community and hand them the gift card. They are very appreciative and I hope it does something to reassure that the majority of our citizens respect them.

    Thank you to whomever first posted this idea. Hope other followed or will begin this small way to say thanks.

  17. Pembroke Pines is Alcee Hastings’ territory. That should tell you all you need to know about its voter base.

  18. Validating the only “fast food” establishment we frequent:


    Great food, great service, great values!!!!!! 🙂

  19. It’s also home of my sister-in-law and husband #7 who both contributed heavily to John Edwards campaign. Her mailing labels proclaim she supports ‘social justice’. The only thing we’ve seen her support, besides Edwards, is the liquor store. Nuff said about some of the loonies living in Pembroke Pines.

  20. She should’ve rammed her car into that shithole and shot every human still drawing a breath. Then, she could make her own samich. Just how she likes it! Somebody needs to incorporate this scenario into a video game.

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