Now only if he wasn’t too stupid to understand the Draw Muhammad Contest…

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  1. He’s been willing to put his empire in the cross hairs of the libs to the tune of being cut loose from Macy’s and NBC for what he believes. Not many are willing to do that these days. It’s a start!

  2. Better than signing a Secret Trade agreement giving the curse of America even MORE power. Nobody will be a perfect candidate. Trump may prove to be a disappointment, but right now he’s running on all 8 cylinders and pissing the right people off.

  3. I’m afraid all of our guys have some sort on contradiction that pisses us off one way or another. I think my approach for the time being is to support whoever pisses off the libs the most. Right now that seems to be Trump. GO TRUMP!!!

  4. Trump is pompous and egotistic, and there are better candidates for president. But he is speaking truth to a lot of issues and I appreciate his efforts. There are several candidates I much prefer to Trump – but he would be miles ahead of any Dem candidate and would help America become a better country.

  5. OT, The History Channel is showing “Sons Of Liberty” non stop today. Awesome. Watching this I realize the only thing our government is not currently doing to us that the British were is public floggings. I think this is new. I’d put it in the must watch category

  6. For all his faults and often pompous behavior, at least Trump loves the United States of America and he loves capitalism. The more he pisses off libtards and the RINO establishment, the more I like him.

  7. At this stage, it isn’t too important who the ultimate nominee is; the purpose of having this many in the race is to cause important issues to get discussed.

    Trump is well spoken on the scandal of illegal immigration so he serves a vital purpose whether or not he is the right candidate on all the other issues. His presence in the race forces the other candidates, including whichever one winds up the nominee, to address that issue.

    Even Christie, with all his many faults, will possibly bring some good ideas to argue, so I welcome him into the discussion.

    The only problem, as I see it, is that we have a long history of electing people based on their stated principles only to find that they lied to us. We need to try to catch the liars early and weed them out. That’s not as easy as it sounds, since some of them are rather good at it. But it doesn’t matter a whit what a candidate claims to stand for if it’s just a lie.

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