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  1. Trod, Stomped, Slapped, Pissed, upon. THEY voted for the ass hole. The same THEY that are asking my advice on guns now. This Giant is extremely hard to wake. Maybe it’s dead. I here a lot of talk. For several years. And as for me, Im pissed, but not suicidal. Not yet.

  2. If you look in the dictionary, ‘trump’ immediately follows Truman.
    Yes, the 33rd president followed by the 45th, Trump.

    Truman approved of Atomic weapons against our enemies.

    Donnie John Trumpobi, you’re our only hope…

  3. The socialists, both the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks (D and R), and the National and the Inter-National Socialists, are fighting to consolidate their gains in the world.

    We, the Sheeple of the United States, are sitting with our thumbs up our asses, hoping and praying that God will send us someone to lead us out of the abyss. The problem is; we don’t know God’s intentions. Has He turned his countenance away because of our sins, or is He letting us stew in our own juices, because we allowed our institutions to be corrupted, our society to be perverted, and our faith to be relativised?

    Or have we turned our countenance away from Him, through hubris and stupidity?

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