NY Has a Habit of Releasing The Worst Felons From Prison

This thug is a real beaut. For years he claimed he was framed and was a “political prisoner.” He was convicted of ambushing and murdering two police officers in 1971. Naturally, he dindu nuffin.

In 2012 he finally confessed to a parole board that he was actually the murderer. In New York, this tends to make the parole boards get weepy and sympathetic.

“Awwwwwwwwww. Do you know how hard it is to tell the truth? What this man must have gone through to fess up. Let’s let him go.”


The New York State Board of Parole has approved the release of a notorious convicted cop killer who was a member of a radical group in the 1970s.

Herman Bell, 70, and two other members of the Black Liberation Army were convicted of luring Patrolman Joseph Piagentini and Patrolman Waverly Jones to a housing complex in Harlem with a 911 call and then shooting them to death in 1971.

Authorities said Jones died from a single shot but Piagentini was shot 22 times.

A judge sentenced Bell in 1979 to 25 years to life. New York did not have the death penalty at that time.

“We are angered and sickened that this horrible person, who was devoid of any human compassion or empathy when he continued to shoot my already wounded husband, Joseph, while he pleaded for his life for the sake of his family, will now be free to walk out of prison,” Diane Piagentini, the officer’s widow, said in a statement released by a police union. “My family and I believe that the members of parole board who made this horrible decision have not only betrayed the trust of all the line of duty police families, but have also failed in their duty to protect the citizens of this state.”

Bell’s supporters call him a “political prisoner” and have been pushing for his release. For many years, he denied his guilt and claimed he had been framed. Then before the parole board in 2012, Bell copped to his involvement in the murders.

“Who wants to acknowledge, who really wants to deal with the issues of killing another human being?” he said, according to a transcript, about why he had denied his guilt. “I wanted to accept that fact that I committed this offense, I wanted to show remorse, but I didn’t really know how to express that to the Board.”


The “board” are a bunch of bleeding heart leftwing morons.

he can join Kathy Boudin, released by NY, and teach students at Columbia.

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  1. So they shot the black cop once, and the white cop twenty-two times and no one has the balls to call this a racially motivated hate crime? In which case he would never be paroled, right!

  2. I weep for people who dsire to be police officers or those seekng to enforce our laws.

    This is like going to the grave sites and then peeing on them.

  3. It won’t end there, now its the talk shows, book offers etc. Fame and wealth for his story.
    The upside down world we live in.

  4. Watch for this scumbag to be hired by Columbia, NYU, or Berkley, etc. as an A/junk Professor, lecturing on “How to adjust to Civilization: How to be a man again.” How to….ah phuckit!
    It probably doesn’t mean much, but every morning I say a little prayer for America. There are some horrible people running the show here and President has his work cut out for him. Horrible people!

  5. We need parole reform.

    Those who vote to parole violent offenders should be made to live in the same group home with those poor unfortunate parolees.

    Even if this does not give the libtard members of the parole board any increase in common sense, we can at least hope that they will be the first who pay for their own foolishness instead of the innocent law abiding citizens.

    MSG Grumpy

  6. It’s appropriate that they release him. After all, haven’t both police officers sprung back to life and been reunited with their families? Everybody wins!


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