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NY Post Cover Asking Why the Covid Panic?

The infographic is powerful.

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  1. Don’t turn on the CBS Radio News panic porn this morning or you will seal your windows and doors.

  2. How do squares showing how many people have been hospitalized or died because of bad reactions the vaccines.

  3. Because the gubmint said so and we’re all supposed to kowtow and obey or else. I don’t know who’s worse the lying gubmint or all the sheeple who believe this bs. My moneys on the gubmint, they can’t keep crying wolf or saying the sky is falling forever. And I thought common sense died back in the 60’s and 70’s with all the dumbass hippie baby boomers or baby schoomers, take your pick.

  4. Was just looking at a Facebook group for Boulder, CO. Someone is pushing an initiative for restaurants to require proof of vax. One restaurant already is.
    The cases will be on the downslope in a couple of weeks, but even with cases rising there is little hospitalization and death (and as always they are mostly people with other health issues).
    So the real question is what will they try to do in a couple of weeks when even cases are dropping?

  5. I believe that AOC introduced a bill outlawing common sense last year. The House, in a party-line vote (though Liz Cheney voted for it because she is a Pelosi Republican) approved it. The Senate also approved, with the typical RINOs voting in favor (Romney, Murkowski, Collins).

  6. Why the panic?

    School is about to start. Teacher’s union doesn’t want to “go back to normal,” and parents and children need to suffer more.

  7. Nothing makes sense anymore ON PURPOSE!
    Constant confusion is part OF THE PLAN……
    Get it?

  8. I’ve always said that the scamdemic will be like the instructions on the bottle of Head and Shoulders shampoo:

    Lather – work the public into a frenzy of fear;

    Rinse – the reality that the virus wasn’t as bad as advertised sets in and fear subsides;

    Repeat – Introduce Delta Variant;

    And so on, and so on, for as long as it takes for the total global totalitarian takeover to be complete. Unless, of course, Trump wins in 2024. Then it’s game over, commie rat-bastards!

  9. Interesting to note is the fact that the bidenfail gargoyles haven’t uttered a croak regarding the seasonal flu virus nor demanded that comical cones be used to cover faces against the ever-mutating flu. Pure garbage, bs, and piles of political and junk-science dung piles issued by govt prostitutes. Whatever happens, don’t fall for it especially since more people are being killed/maimed by this “vax” in govt’s efforts to depopulate and tamper with the functions of the human brain to make people more “obedient” to their demands. Similar (or the equivalent to) US military’s “transhuman” experiment-assaults upon unsuspecting soldiers.


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