NY Prosecutors’ Key Job Was to Keep Jeff Epstein Alive–And They Failed to Do So

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton joined Lou Dobbs Tonight on FOX Business to discuss the aftermath of Jeff Epstein’s mysterious death.

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  1. Seems to me the New York prosecutor was too busy looking for Trump’s tax returns from 1977…

  2. Cover story – “NY Prosecutors’ Key Job Was to Keep Jeff Epstein Alive–And They Failed to Do So ”

    Reality – “NY Prosecutors’ Key Job Was To Protect The Global Elites By Killing Off Jeff Epstein – And They Succeeded”

  3. I’m sure the official story that finally come out to explain it all will be true, the whole truth and nothing else, and believable.

    For sure.



    At least a little bit?

  4. So many lies. I read something yesterday that he hadn’t been checked in 3 hours.
    Ok everybody, just makeup YOUR version of what happened, that way the dolt investigators at the FBI will pick the one that implicates the poor schmuck easiest to pin this on. Case closed.

    @anon. She’s a self-assigned “social scientist”, who sues under the guise of racial discrimination to advance through the system.

    She may have been let go from this position, but she’ll be rewarded with a promotion and raise somewhere else, otherwise know as career advancement for govt employees and the Catholic Church.

  5. I also think they would have had a tough time getting a conviction against Epstein under the double jeopardy standards and that adds to the theory that he was murdered.
    He was targeted by the power brokers a while back after his first conviction and it was a matter of time before they nailed him.
    Meanwhile the human virus Clinton goes skipping along unscathed.

  6. Follow the money. I’m sure there are a few large bank deposits by some of the suspects that should raise questions.

  7. No worries … the FBI is on the job!


    Same FBI that conspired to exonerate HRC?
    Same FBI that conspired to overthrow the election of Pres. Trump?
    Same FBI that conspired to develop and pursue the Russia Hoax?
    Same FBI that conspired to protect the tarmac meeting between Clinton and Lynch?
    Same FBI that conspired to abuse the FISA protocols?
    Same FBI that conspired to imprison innocents connected to Pres. Trump?
    Same FBI that conspired to …

    Sorry if America has little confidence.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. And I repeat: ANYONE who had ANYTHING at all to do
    with this case/perp must me treated as a potential
    co-conspirator in a murder and obstruction of justice.
    There are many who are not going to be satisfied with
    the usual coverup BS we have been fed so many times.

  9. Just a thought. Did Epstein’s death/disappearance result from what he MAY say or from what he ALREADY said?

  10. Why does everyone believe that she was supposed to keep him alive! It is far more accurate to say she did her job very well! Look at the results in favor of the evil Democrats! For an Affirmative Action hire she really came thru when the party needed her too! Please, let’s judge her by the content of her character and not her color!

  11. William Cooper had it right.
    There is a global cabal that will not have it’s dirty laundry aired

  12. The Resistance pinned all of their hopes on SDNY after Mueller failed, and all they got was a lousy SDNY tee shirt and an Arkancide. That’s got to be disappointing.

  13. Remember when Hillary, on 7/5/19, canceled her speaking gig scheduled for October, citing “an unforeseen circumstance”? And the very next day, Epstein is arrested?

    Couple questions:

    1. Are those two events above related?

    2. What sort of “unforeseen circumstance” is known about months in advance but cannot be rescheduled? All I can come up with is incapacitation, incarceration or death.


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