Texas Cops Looking For Serial Wedding Crasher Who Steals Gifts


Authorities in Texas are looking for a woman who has been crashing weddings and stealing gifts meant for the bride and groom since at least December. The woman, dubbed “The Wedding Crasher” by the Comal County Sheriff’s Office, poses as a guest and then steals envelopes containing checks, gift cards, and cash.

The woman has grown more brazen recently.

5 Comments on Texas Cops Looking For Serial Wedding Crasher Who Steals Gifts

  1. I saw one of these wedding gift thieves on Live PD. This broad was in Alabama and they caught her on video stealing envelopes with money in them. Turns out this money was for charity for a genetic disease that the bride & groom’s daughter had. The woman eventually turned herself in after they broadcast the video. She’d been doing this all over the Southeast and had stolen thousands of dollars.

  2. How many toasters or picture frames does one need? There are people who’ll steal anything not nailed down just for the thrill of getting away with it.
    I suppose in addition to flowers, cake, photographer and invitations, Wedding Planners will now offer gift Safes for the happy couple.

  3. May I suggest a rat trap placed under the envelopes? It could be highly rewarding as well as entertaining. Ha


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