NY Times supplies tampons in their gender-neutral bathrooms


The New York Times has installed gender-neutral bathrooms in its New York City headquarters, complete with tampons, to allow staff more freedom to use whichever bathroom they feel fits their gender expression.

Existing single-use bathrooms on the 14th floor are now designated as gender-neutral, and the paper plans to install new bathrooms on two other floors. “A lock on the main door has been added for privacy during use,” Ellen Shultz, executive vice president of talent and inclusion, said in an internal memo obtained by The Wrap.

“Please remember that you are welcome to use any bathroom that matches your gender identity or expression,” Shultz added.

New York Times employees praised the decision Wednesday.

“This rules,” tweeted writer and editor Benjamin Hoffman, responding to one of his colleagues who wrote her first tweet ever to celebrate the new bathrooms. “After nearly 15 years with this company I still find reasons to be proud every single day.”  more here

15 Comments on NY Times supplies tampons in their gender-neutral bathrooms

  1. What wonderful news!

    I’ve had only gender neutral bathrooms in my house for many decades. They are stocked with shaving supplies as well as female products. And door locks.

    My brother is rich. He and his wife have his and her bathrooms. Now I can feel superior and virtue-signal.

  2. So?
    Years ago it was common to find condom machines in the women’s bathrooms in certain night clubs.

    Not everything is ridiculous.

  3. In california, it’s illegal to designate bathrooms by gender. The joke is on women – who have to get used to men’s piss all over the toilet seat.

  4. Years ago I worked at the state hospital.. One unit, because of repairs on female floor, had to become coed. The men were all moved to the south wing and women were on the north…

    The women absolutely refused to use the formerly men’s bathroom on their wing until it had two full days of deep cleaning..

  5. Doesn’t the fact that there are tampon machines in the shithouses … uhh … bathrooms (are there tubs?) imply a feminist slant to the whole toilet experience?

    Shouldn’t most of the Alphabet soup of enraged “gender” imbeciles be offended?

    My! They took that well!

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. The Left’s perpetual obsession with bathrooms and perverted sex continues….

    A “news organization” that avoids true facts and real issues needs something to publish, right?


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