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NYC: What They Won’t Tell You About The Rising Rape Rates Of Female Passengers By Taxi Drivers

muslim cab driver
By BI: It’s nearly impossible to get actual numbers, but conservative estimates report that at least 50% and upwards of 90% of NYC cab drivers are from South Asian or Middle Eastern countries, the majority of whom are Muslims. So it’s no surprise that the incidents of rapes of female passengers by cab drivers are also on the rise.

NY Post  NYC women should think twice before getting into a late-night taxi by themselves — as sexual assaults by drivers are on the rise, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton warned Tuesday.  MORE

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  1. Where are the Guardian Angels for the cab system when you need them?

    Time for a G.A. rape hot line, to beat these camel herders into Western Compliance.

  2. So, while western women are holding out their arm to keep, you know, ummm, certain men of an unknown area and religion who would totally not rape if they had jobs at arms length, one unknown area and religion dude with one of those make-me-peaceful aforementioned jobs sees her arm out, stops, and rapes her. But its her fault.

    Need to work on that sales pitch, leftists.

  3. Well, if the damned whores were covered from head to toe in burlap bags, this kinda thing would be less prevalent …
    or if the 2nd Amendment applied to the People’s Democratic Republic of New York …

    The more vulnerable members of society suffer the most for the imbecilities of the “leadership.”

    Shame that New Yorkers are sheep.

  4. A wolf does not eat chickens because it hates them. it is just part of it’s nature. Even if you feed and care for the wolf it will still kill chickens.
    So, one has a choice, no wolves or no chickens.
    We have a choice, Muslims or free women.
    One of them has to go.

  5. Loretta Lynch has made it clear that any cracka-ass bitch will be charged with hate crime for defending herself from certain dudes from unnamed countries and with unnamed beliefs

  6. This particular article only alludes to it right at the end, but the blow back from the suggestion that women going out at night use a “buddy suystem” has been ferocious. For me this is a local story, and I am amazed at how a police commissioner warning young women of certain risks and dangers, then offering tips for their increased safety, could possibly be “sexist.” Oh, right–Bratton has a schlong. He’s the enemy, and an architect of the “War on Women.” Shut dafuck up.

    Two words, ladies: Imette St. Guillermo .

    You are woman, watch you fall.

  7. Whut they really need is Pecker Spray… something that dissolves the dick right off of ’em! That way they get to spend eternity getting thrown off of three story buildings!

  8. Anything semi sharp, pointed, disposable, and clean (DNA evidence). When approached to be raped, use with extreme prejudice, then walk away. Do NOT stay to call the police, or answer questions, or anything.

  9. That’s what jumped out at me the most as well. Was this feminize hard up for something she could label as “sexist”? There have been plenty of females to offer suggestions as to how one might protect themselves, but somehow it’s ok because it comes from a female? It’s no longer “making women responsible for preventing their own rape”?

    Many women who end up seeing this comment of mine may hate me for this, but here’s something revolutionary: when you go out and get stinking drunk, you’re making yourself into a target–of rape, robbery, murder, something. And that goes for whether you are male or female. A predator is looking for vulnerability and if you are not alert, you are easy to overpower, you may very well be their chosen target.

    It just makes sense to take steps to protect yourself–no one said “You have to do this to prevent rape.” They are saying “Here are ways to help protect yourself.” No, no one has the right to rape, but just because a woman SHOULD be able to walk from the bar to the cab drunk and half naked and not get raped, doesn’t mean it’s always going to work out that way. Why is it so freaking awful to suggest women be a pro-active part of their own safety?

    We–men AND women–don’t walk deserted ghetto streets at night, we don’t flash wads of money in public, we don’t get into strangers’ cars, don’t pick up hitchhikers–it’s all just commonsense behavior taught to us from childhood, but instead of being angry at those who cause these fears they snap at the ones who encourage them to be safe because somehow it’s “sexist.”

    It’s not men telling women how to behave, it’s reasonable people telling other humans how to be safer.

    Get a freaking grip, fanatic feminists.

  10. I agree with all that you say. Even as an utterly clueless 18-year-old going out on her first date (in New York City, no less), I somehow knew enough not to drink on dates. I reasoned that I’d be better off if I kept my wits about me.

    Your comments are also applicable to this whole “date-rape” mess. Don’t drink, and don’t go into a private space with a guy on a date. Abracadabra, your virtues remains intact!

  11. It used to be that NYC cabs were driven by New Yorkers: Italians, Jews, Blacks, Irish, Puerto Rican. . Now it’s mostly muslims who stink,talk constantly to each other via radio, an play that Godawful
    music that only Barry likes. I hope Uber puts the yellow bastards out of business.

  12. The news just had a story about five men who raped a woman at gunpoint in New York. Sounds suspiciously like what muzzies do. And so it begins? Maybe MJA will find the story and post it if there’s any info.

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