VA execs finally demoted for scamming system, but lawmaker asks why no charges brought

FOX News:

The Department of Veterans Affairs said Friday two high-ranking officials were finally demoted in response to a federal probe that found they manipulated the agency’s personnel system for their own gain, but a key lawmaker is asking why they weren’t prosecuted.


Federal prosecutors announced on Christmas Eve that they would not pursue charges in the case, but the Justice Department has not responded to Rep. Jeff Miller’s inquiry into why no charges will be filed.


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  1. They were just “following orders” and so they’ll be protected until they can retire at full pension. My guess is that even with the “demotion” they’ll get paid the higher rate for at least 3 years where they should be in a position to depart.

  2. Six figures both over 170k for the “work” they were doing and they had to steal more from an already stressed system. I feel the stress on the system has more to do with administration costs than the actual purpose the system is to accomplish.

    Filthy, greedy hags

  3. It’s beginning to present like a birth defect, like Down’s, and FAS, recognizable by facial characteristics.

  4. VA, this is the best you can do? Really? Why weren’t those jobs given to VETERANS whose legs were blown off in combat? Those two belong in prison. A men’s prison. Women would not be safe around those two.

  5. The really special news is that even though they are “demoted” they look close to retirement age and most likely had their high three already at their last position so that is what their retirement will be based upon.

  6. “Brother of”, damn phone keyboard. And now that I look at it again, the thespian on the right looks like that butchy ladyman that was banging Piper in the last few episodes of Orange Is The New Black.

  7. Nope. I’ll bet you this happens in EVERY Executive Agency in the FedGov. It is a vast criminal conspiracy. Don’tcha ever wonder why an engineer (for instance) making $400,000/yr would take a job with the FedGov making $160,000/yr? Or a multi-millionaire like Jay Rockefeller would spend $11 Million to secure a $200,000/yr job? It’s simply because the opportunity to steal vastly out weighs the pay and benefits.

    And don’t give me that bullshit about “public service” and “helping mankind” – I’ve met a lot of the maggots in the House, and, they are fucking maggots. MAGGOTS. Check the “before” and “after” gross worths. Harry Reid is a good example. Barry Obola is another. Nancy Pelosi is another. That fuckin asshole from Florida is another – Greystoke? Greatjoke? The fuckin Neanderthal wife-beater …

  8. Aren’t we way past due to eliminate the VA? Give all the veterans free health care at civilian hospitals (after we revoke Obamacare). The VA is a disgrace.

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