Gang of kids are violently mugging tourists in daylight

Rio kid gang roberies

NYP: In August, millions of tourists from all over the world will be flocking to Brazil for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

But now, all eyes are already on Rio de Janeiro thanks to a video of street youth gangs brazenly and violently mugging people that has gone viral.  more

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  1. What Brazil needs is more diversity.

    9 mm’s, .38’s, a few .45’s, and mostly .357’s. Just because if they hear about that one where l’il Toro’s head blew clean off and the feral cats were licking what was left up, this shit would stop.

  2. Right you are but don’t over look the light yet fast stepping center fire .22s…for those going-away shots while in clean up mode.

  3. Why haven’t we offered these mixed up teens refugee status and placement in one of our glorious sanctuary cities?

  4. Hold the Olympics in a third world hell hole and you get exactly what you paid for. I’m sure that Chicago could have matched this, perhaps with a demonstration from their “precision” drill teams–after all, there’s nothing as breathtaking as dueling .45s.

  5. This is very strange. I was always told that the plight of our inner cities, and the violence therein was a result of American slavery, systemic racism and white privilege.. So what is Brazil’s excuse?

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