NYC’s Demand That Diplomats Follow Vaccine Mandate Creates Uproar At UN

Zero Hedge: New York City’s (legally questionable) demand that all representatives and diplomats who attend next week’s UN General Assembly meeting show proof of vaccination is threatening to derail the annual summit of world leaders as Russia and China protest the fact that their locally developed vaccines won’t be accepted.

NYC’s request that diplomats and their entourage show proof of vaccination before being admitted somehow received the backing of General Assembly President Maldivian Foreign Minister Abdulla Shahid. In a statement released on Wednesday, NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and International Affairs Commissioner Penny Abeywardena thanked UN diplomats ahead of time for “working with us”, calling them “true New Yorkers”.

Unfortunately, not all diplomats are equally enthusiastic. In a letter to colleagues released on Wednesday, Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya denounced these new requirements as “clearly discriminatory” and accused NYC and Shahid of violating the UN charter, which states that the UN is international territory. more

9 Comments on NYC’s Demand That Diplomats Follow Vaccine Mandate Creates Uproar At UN

  1. Are we going to get another food fight at the UN?

    “A crazed mob of diplomats angry at being made to wait for lunch because of striking restaurant workers rioted in U.N. cafeterias Friday and looted them of thousands of dollars in food, booze and silverware.
    …“It was chaos, wild, something out of a war scene,” an executive from the company taking over food services for the United Nations told Time magazine. “They took everything.”

    Not to worry. I’m sure they’ll find an exemption for these arrogant elites. Diplomatic Immunity protects against everything.

  2. This could get interesting.
    This may have some to do with one of the reasons they are not vaxxinating illegal immigrants. Citizens of the US are unable to pursue vaxx makers for liability. However, illegal immigrants, in my estimation, are not covered by such an exemption, just by the simple fact they are not citizens. They might be able to have standing to sue for damages from adverse reactions or death. If they can’t force UN people to be vaxxed, they won’t be able to force illegals, in my estimation.

  3. They’re pissed because they’re required to have the vaxx just like the serfs, instead of being exempt like the elites.
    I can totally relate.

  4. So a diplomat at the UN can commit a murder and the most we can do is throw him out of the country, but NY feels it can make them get vaxed?


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