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NYT Sends Sympathies to “Mask Holdouts”


The front page of Tuesday’s New York Times tried to stir sympathy for the mask-forever obsessives among the paper’s fans: “For Holdouts In Masks, Life Turns Lonelier.”

It’s pretty gutsy for the mask-obsessed Times to suggest the mask-forever bunch are feeling isolated, given the Times strongly supported lockdown measures that kept old, sick, vulnerable people isolated from their families. Cover

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  1. @Sippin’ Coffee — I keep forgetting to make a little sign to hold up when I’m driving and see another solo driver wearing a mask:

    ║ YOU SURE DO ║

    (I hope I got it to look right)

  2. This morning I saw two men wearing masks while walking their dogs together down the sidewalk.

    It looked both gay and stupid at the same time.

    Stopped at a grocery store yesterday, but not my usual store, and at least 10% of the customers were wearing masks. Yeah, I would have recognized them as Dems even without the masks, but really, just how stupid these people are is pretty scary.

    Yet I’m liking how they mark themselves.

    A water utility guy was shutting off meters last month and I stopped to talk to him since he was filling out paperwork. After telling me he was glad to see another conservative (no masks), he said Dallas had been letting payments build up because of the lock down and now the city is shutting people off for non-payment. He said people were behind by 10 Billion.

    I had no idea that practice and that number were in play

  3. A big portion of their cult uses masks as chin warmers. Not sure what virus is making chins cold, but clearly there are a lot of infections. Then they go home to educate you on social media about proper mask wearing, no doubt.

  4. Way too many of the mask wearers are young adults and young families. My heart breaks to see parents still Mask Up! their youngsters. Usually there’s an air of smug righteousness about them, too. I suspect there are many still masked who prefer to remain willfully ignorant and hive mind compliant “for the good of the collective.” Sad.

  5. Psyops don’t work without fear.
    People see masks and they’re reminded to be afraid. The same can be said for widespread flu testing. Stop the testing and masking it all goes away.

  6. Only saw two people with masks in the last couple of weeks. Both were at the doctor’s office, so I could give them a break. Both older people.

    BTW, doctor’s office – no masks required and doctors and staff are mask-free.

  7. @AbigailAdams, a couple of weeks ago while I was leaving a store there was a young mother on the staircase to the store entrance forcing her little girl into a muzzle. That girl was about 3 yrs old, crying piteously, pleading with the mother and struggling with all she had to stop her putting the muzzle on. It really was heartbreaking.


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