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NYT Thinks SCOTUS Handed Them Win On Census Question, It Didn’t

Declaring that the contractor printing the census must know next month what questions will be on the form, The New York Times strongly hinted that yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling delaying a ruling on the citizenship question, will force the administration to leave it off. More

The president, however ordered the administration’s attorneys to seek a delay in the printing until the Supreme Court decides its has enough information to make a ruling. That puts the burden of the delay back on the court. More

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  1. What does seem improper to me is SCOTUS sending to lower court but not saying no, if they thought anything other than that it could still be on 2020 census.
    I think Sec Commerce should order them printed with the question. Worst case, if a court rules otherwise people can be told to ignore it.

  2. Like I said in an earlier post, print the forms with the citizenship question, and let the dems sue to delay the census.Make THEM the bad guys.

  3. Tony R. “Make THEM the bad guys”? The ARE the phucking bad guys!
    And have been for over 50 years

  4. The toilet paper of record,,,
    More consumers still buy the 1-ply breakthrough Scott’s brand and will endure the shit than read this crapola,,,

  5. For 2010 Census Obama had the citizenship question removed when he went to short form (they just didn’t include it as a question). Why was that okay? Why isn’t it in preparing 2020 form the question can’t be added back? Because Obama can do anything he wants because he is black and any action against him is considered racist? Just put the question in the form and fu*K the courts. If they go after you then they will need to go after Obama.

  6. Same horseshit with the Obama’s DACA program. It was OK for Obama to do it without consent of the congress but the court won’t let Trump undo it. Bullshit.

  7. the reason “Obama did the same shit” is because the noodle-spined repugnicans didn’t fight back …. scared to death of the Black Jesus

  8. The only reason the left doesn’t want the question is to keep from exposing illegals to possible voting fraud and ICE. Stop with the BS excuses.

  9. In our Republic’s past, errant and unconstitutional SCOTUS opinions have rightly been ignored, by the Executive. As one of the three Constitutionally Co-Equal branches (each of whom are endowed the ability and authority to determine Constitutionality questions, in their own right), the Executive is well within its purview and authority to do so.

    President Trump can, and should ignore, thereby nullifying, this, and all other unconstitutional Judicial opinions and directives.

    Will this instigate a constitutional crisis? No, it will laser-focus the bright, cleansing rays of daylight onto the constitutional crisis which has been festering ever since the Courts began blatantly arrogating to themselves an unconstitutional overreach across both the Legislative and Executive branches; the lower courts well outside their mandated purview.

    It’s time to get on that bronc and ride it down!



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