O’ 15.5 million Dollar Christmas Tree!

Covered in diamonds, jewels, gold and real ostrich eggs, it may be the most-expensive Christmas tree in history.

9 Comments on O’ 15.5 million Dollar Christmas Tree!

  1. Well, good for them.
    Unfortunately, their exorbitant display is for their own self-fulfilling pleasure.
    I would be surprised if they even uttered a single praise for GOD.

  2. just like the Xmas tree that baby Jesus had in the manger

    yes, there is rampant commercialism in Christmas. always has been since the celebration of Saturnalia. we, as humans, seek celebration. that’s why we should all strive to find the true meaning of Christmas & celebrate the coming of the savior of our souls … & enjoy the wassailing

  3. this “holiday” has been taken over and subverted by the corporate elites.

    They appeal to people’s greed and sloth as virtues all the while cutting God out of the celebrations.

    I say a prayer to God of thanks for his blessings on the 25th….
    that is as far as I go nowadays.


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