AOC, the consummate idiot, thinks she’s been vindicated on the Amazon deal

Pradheep J. Shanker created an exhaustive thread, detailing step by step why AOC, in his words, “is as dumb as she is,” with her disinformation.

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  1. Always Only Communist is the poster child for a party that values feelings over facts, she is the embodiment of the useful idiot.

    Her abject stupidity is meaningless to the cause because her value as a propaganda tool is far more valuable to the Marxiist endgame. Idiocracy has been achieved.

  2. Uncle Al,
    AOC would need an aide to remove the wrapper from the gum & put it into her mouth for her, then grab AOC nuder her lower jaw & the top of her head, & move her lower jaw up & down several times to get her jump-started before AOC could continue on her own.

  3. She’s a genius. (If you have Down’s Syndrome.)

    Love to see this malignant jackass get booted out in the next election.

  4. ….and with a degree in “economics” of all things. I knew this girl was gonna be good for few laughs, but I had no idea.

  5. Ya know… I look at AOC and wonder how it is possible for anyone to expect demosRATs to be decent or humane. They want you to think they’re some kind of hero…and maybe, just maybe (given the benefit of doubt) they started out that with that way of thinking, but look at them now. The day to day stench of their collective bullshit has turned into an overwhelming urine stream of propaganda. They piss on our heads and tell us it’s just raining. They’re every bit as vile and contaminated as the Russians they constantly acuse Donald Trump of colluding with. They bring no dignity to law. They have no shame. They’ve sunk into a swamp of disrepute where their only idealism is “Get Trump” even though all their so-called “evidence” offends human nature, insults intelligence as well as morality. They’re so lost in the inferno of crime and dishonor, they’ve become sickening animals, repugnant to everything that’s great about this country. They are sick, twisted vehicles of pure hatred in one long, endless parade of let-downs, put-downs, trickle-downs, shut-outs, freeze-outs, sell-outs, numb-nuts, frickenputz and nimrods who only appeal to border-jumping pinata-spankers and Feta-reeking cab jockeys! DemocRATs today are a boil on the ass of our nation so big that all it needs is Dennis Rodman’s autograph to make it complete!

  6. The ignorant of society has gravitated towards the democrat party which made it easy for the un-educated to join hands.
    Their perseverance to ridicule Republicans has culminated in the lack of desire for reasonable Conservatives/Republicans to place themselves in the vitriolic shooting target of the immoral, numb-minded, uninformed, unaccomplished liberal hate-mongers.

    And I don’t blame them.

  7. She has tits. As a bartender with her tits in the bra, everyone wants to find out, are they big or are they just long? So, she gets a lot of hits, thinks she’s really smart and attractive. Then the commies encourage her to run with blandishments and money and viola! She wins! Now she knows, what she thought was correct, she’s brilliant! Just an old redneck story told in the big city.

  8. She needs to wrap those racehorse legs around a real man and learn there’s more to life than being Soros’ farting anus.

    Are you following my train of thought?

  9. Blue Toof, that is the most unflattering photo of her that I’ve seen yet. She looks like a bum they’re about to kick out of the lobby. And those giant clodhoppers…I know they cost $500, and you want us to notice them, Sandy. Mission accomplished, Bigfoot.

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