House Judiciary Committee Releases Report Defining Impeachable Offenses

They spent an awful lot of time explaining what is impeachable but failed to explain how what Trump did fulfills the requirements.

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  1. The purported report is a nice High School, Advance Placement US History outline on impeachment. Very useful. Somewhere. Not here, but somewhere.
    It does, however, contain all the facts qualifying him Trump for impeachment: None.

  2. It’s not that what Trump *did* was illegal, it’s what he *thought* while he was doing it:

    “The question is not whether the President’s conduct could have resulted from permissible motives. It is whether the President’s real reasons, the ones in his mind at the time, were legitimate…”

    Screw this noise.

  3. “The views and conclusions contained in the report are staff views and do not necessarily reflect those of the Committee on the Judiciary or any of its members.”

    I didn’t need to read any further than that.

  4. Back in the ‘80’s I was talking with some people. They said that Reagan was a fascist. I quoted, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” pointing out that that could be taken as a very fascist statement.

    “But that’s not what he meant.”

    Funny how Dems and leftists (but I am being redundant) are such experts as to what people were thinking when they said or did something (except for Muslims who shout “Allahu Akbar” When killing people).

  5. That reads like a book report with a few excuses for the House’s behavior.
    A. Napolitano will probably claim it’s brilliant.

  6. TLDR;
    Orange Man Bad.

    Impeachable conduct is neither more nor less than whatever a House majority is willing to say it is.

  7. Official 2019 Report by the American people on how to know that a person, or persons collectively, are filthy dirt-bag, moronic, lying, blithering scum licking idiots?

    The person, or persons collectively, are members of Congress!

  8. Brown Eyed Girl: I did not see a list of staff members, shouldn’t they be interviewed to see who told them what to write???

  9. “It is occasionally suggested that Presidents can be impeached
    only if they have committed crimes. That position was rejected in President Nixon’s case, and then rejected again in President Clinton’s, and should be rejected once more.”

    Ah, excuse me? Clinton was impeached for perjury and suborning perjury; those are felonies.


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