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O.J. Dead

See ya.


OJ Simpson – the former NFL star best known for his controversial 1995 acquittal for the murder of his wife and her friend in – has died at age 76.

“On April 10th, our father, Orenthal James Simpson, succumbed to his battle with cancer,” the family wrote on X.

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  1. Obviously, Toof and Franklin have Long Covid.

    But whatever happened to “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”? Who needed to know Orenthal is now bringing coffee to Teddy Kennedy?

  2. I still remember Howard Cosell basically calling OJ an idiot on Monday night football when the Packers were playing the 49er’s and the game had a high score and OJ couldn’t add up the total of the score. Good riddance, if OJ hadn’t played football he would’ve just been another black thug.

  3. I’ll remember him for ruining the term forward slash, for being dark Nordberg, for some corny chicken commercials, and for reminding us that rental cars really do Hertz. I suspect someone with horns is grabbing his butt and saying all mine about now the way he used to do with Nicole in public. Adios.

  4. Simpson’s real legacy will never be mentioned. It was his trial which gripped the nation and the world in which it was made stunningly clear that if he was found (rightly) guilty, L.A. — and who knows, Chicago, Philadelphia, Oakland, Detroit, and other black-owned and operated cities — would be burnt to the ground in retaliation. It was the seminal moment where the rule of law transformed into the rule of mob in America. With no apologies.

  5. Prostate Cancer struck like a bolt out of the blue and claimed my Dad. Then I, with the forewarning of my Dad”s case tested early at 49 for it .. and damned if I had it too! And my proste was taken out in the nick of time

    So I know all about this thing. So, when I read about OJ just a short while ago, I just knew he was not long for this world .. even though they were downplaying it, I knew. I think I even said so here at iotw

  6. O.J. will always be the face of jury nullification of a murder.

    It somehow seems the beginning of being too privileged to go to jail in this country was the O.J. trial.

  7. OJ will never “RIP”. He was responsible for two murders. Really hope Nichole and Ron’s blood on his hands are inflamed setting the rest of his heinous soul on fire for eternity.

  8. …and it was the first time the nation as a whole was introduced to the homicidal term “overkill.” I wonder if he’s thinking about his expensive Bruno Magli shoes.

    (And the El-A police never looked for another perp.)

  9. OJ had a lot of charisma, there is no doubt about that… after the sham trial, Nicole’s sister Denise became an advocate against domestic abuse. I by chance met Denise when she took a public transit from one city to another in my state. (I was actually in excellent shape at the time too!). I knew from the trial she allegedly had a mafia boyfriend, so I didn’t eve think it was a good idea to get involved with her. She asked me if I thought people were born killers or did they somehow learned to be that way. I just that I supposed there were two schools that contended those two thing. She told me she preferred to think it was learned (ie that it could be unlearned). You know, it’s a sad sad situation when a celebrity brother in law with a lot of charisma murders your sibling who he supposedly loves. What comfort can there be? Even King David had Bathsheba’s husband murdered so he could cover up is adultery (a death penalty) and then take Bathsheba as his wife. Really the only comfort that can be found is to seek the forgiveness of God because it can be obtained. David certainly obtained God’s forgiveness!


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