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Obama Camp Unhappy with Biden’s Debate Performance


Last night’s presidential primary debate was like watching animals eat their own in the wild. Rarely do Democrats turn on each other so publicly, even in a debate. Even more rare is when the victim of their betrayal is their beloved former President and darling of the Democrat party, Barack Obama.

In what was likely an attempt to knock former vice president Joe Biden down a notch in his substantial lead in the polls, his colleagues went after his involvement in the Obama administration.

As multiple media outlets have discussed, including CNN, Barack Obama “came under a harsh spotlight as candidates vying for his onetime job picked apart aspects of his legacy” during the debate. You know it’s bad when CNN will acknowledge it. more

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  1. I hope the Democrats turn on the “Obama Camp” so much that one of them will release the evidence that the big Zero was never eligible to be President…. the birth certificate is fake, his bio at the book publishing house indicates Zero being born in Kenya (with relatives witnessing it), his Harvard ID shows him to be s foreign student, etc. etc.

    Someone in that Dem house of horrors knows where the evidence is buried… and is willing to finally spill the beans.


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