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U.S. Withdraws From INF Treaty

Pompeo Hits Russians for NONCOMPLIANCE; Withdraws U.S. From INF Treaty.


At the annual conference of ASEAN, the organization of Southeast Asian countries held in Bangkok, Thailand, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told National Review that “the U.S. has triggered its formal withdrawal” from the INF Treaty.

The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) came about during the Reagan-Gorbachev diplomacy in the 1980’s that “proved the endgame of the Cold War.” When the Soviets deployed intermediate-range missiles that could hit NATO countries from the Soviet Union, the U.S. countered with its own missiles in Europe. This prompted President Ronald Reagan to propose a “zero option” to eliminate U.S. and Soviet missiles and the INF Treaty solidified such agreement.

However, diplomacy shows the Russians have been “flagrantly violating the treaty for years.” President Trump announced in October of 2018 that there was an imminent U.S. exit looming. Now, “It’s official: The U.S. is out of the INF Treaty” reports National Review.

Secretary Pompeo said of the violations:

six months ago now, after years of discussion with the Russians about their noncompliance, we put them on notice…not only the United States, but the European countries…we have all done our level best to convince the Russians that it was in their best interests to come back into compliance with the INF Treaty, and they have done literally nothing – literally nothing.


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  1. Reagan won the cold war by breaking the Soviets financially, by forcing them to meet our military spending.

    The Donald is wisely and courageously following that recipe.

  2. Arms treaties are the panacea of fools. Right now we should be using satellite based weapons instead oir sons and daughters to keep shithole countries in line.

  3. There are more countries that you cannot trust than there are countries that you can trust. Hell, even our so called allies, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, we’re up to their no good necks in Spygate.


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