FrontPageMag– [MichelleMalkin] It’s the most far-reaching scandal in Washington that no one wants to talk about: Tens of millions of federal employees had their personal information hacked as a result of Obama administration incompetence and political favoritism.


Ethnic community organizer-turned-Office of Personnel Management head Katherine Archuleta recklessly eschewed basic cybersecurity in favor of politically correct “diversity” initiatives during her disastrous crony tenure. This Beltway business-as-usual created an irresistible opportunity for hackers to reach out and grab massive amounts of sensitive data — compromising everyone from rank-and-file government employees to CIA spies.

Could it get worse? You betcha.

Amid increasing concerns about these massive government computer breaches, the Defense Department is expected to announce the winner of a lucrative high-stakes contract to overhaul the military’s electronic health records system this week.

The leading finalist among three top contenders is Epic Systems, a Wisconsin-based health care software company founded and led by top Obama billionaire donor Judy Faulkner. Thanks in significant part to President Obama’s $19 billion stimulus subsidy program for health data vendors, Epic is now the dominant EMR player in the U.S. health IT market.  MORE


  1. I wouldn’t put anything past them. A few years ago I recall an article in the daily mail about obama asking for emails of conservative friends and family to be sent to him from his sheeple.
    He’s an evil mother fucker.

  2. “Madame Director! The Chi-Coms are hacking our system! They’re inside our firewall. They’re taking us apart from inside!”

    “Stop that, right now. The preferred term is Asian of Chinese extraction, and their politics has nothing to do with anything.”

    “We need to pull the plug on our servers, now! In a New York minute!”

    “Don’t you know that you’re stereotyping people from The Big Apple as impatient and and prone to hurrying themselves and others? That is micro-aggression of the highest order. You need to get a union representative and step into Ms. Glickstein-Mendoza-Chang’s office over on the HR corridor and see about getting you some sensitivity training.”

    “But… but… don’t you understand? Millions of government employees’ personal data is being stolen, right this second!”

    “Not to worry. It’s probably just some silly kids looking for porn. Now, let’s get you some diversity training, because I have you penciled-in to captain “Team White Privilege” in the interdepartmental Frisbee golf game with “Team LGBT” tomorrow morning. You and the other two guys in your department will have their hands full, because we’re only giving your side three, due to past aggression offenses.”

    “Madam Director! Please… for the last time…”

    “Stop it! Or you’ll only have two people on your side! I mean it!”

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