Obama Denies the Murder Wave on his Watch


President Barack Obama used the Harvard Law Review to broadcast his claim that “there is no growing crime wave,” despite the crime wave that has killed 1,500 Americans in 2015 and 2016.

His claim that crime has remained “near historic lows,” and his denial of the national murder spike, came in his op-ed published by the Harvard Law Review:

  • “There is no growing crime wave.”
  • “Crime remains near historic lows.”
  • “I have also used my clemency power to a degree unmatched in modern history to address unfairness in the federal system … I will be the first President in decades to leave office with a federal prison population lower than when I took office.”


SNIP: Hmm… Then why don’t you explain THIS?


12 Comments on Obama Denies the Murder Wave on his Watch

  1. ^^^ Hahaha, Dianny, it’s quite rare to say son of a bitch and have it really mean son of a bitch!!!

    Good one!

  2. Keep talking your garbage, Barky, so that even your stupidest supporter faces the truth that you were a no-good, do-nothing, empty chair that only spewed hot worthless air.
    Your every word was a lie and you respect no one and only love your worthless self.

  3. If crime is at a “Historic Low”, why did (well, still do) I feel my Second Amendment Rights were about to be violated every day for the last Eight Years!?!

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