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Obama disappears, abandons press corps

obama golf


President Obama disappeared abruptly without the press pool after spending Sunday golfing at Andrews Air Force Base.

He took former Hawaii school mate Mike Ramos, pal Marty Nesbitt, the co-CEO of the Vistria group, ESPN’s Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser with him to the links for approximately six hours of golfing, before abruptly taking off without the waiting press pool.



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  1. In a perfect world, that would probably indicate that something happened which required the president’s immediate attention.

    In Obamaworld, it means he probably just needed to take a shit and refused to use the non-gold-plated toilets the commoners at Andrews use.

  2. I think Barry, Mike, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme all used to get together at Frank Marshall Davis’ house to smoke weed and suck cock. Probably Keith Kakugawa too. All damaged goods, the lot of them.

    By his friends shall ye know him.

  3. Just try to play a good game of golf when it takes 6 hours to get around. Assuming he golfs 100 (although it’s more, but factually less), he would swing the club every 3.6 minutes. It’s not even worth it. He’d get more exercise sitting in a smoking room with his pals hoarking down a carton for 6 hours.

  4. When your the President you can do that without using a lasso.

    LBJ would whip it out whenever and wherever he needed to piss. One day at the WH, he started pissing, and some of it was landing on an SS agent’s pant leg.

    “Mr. President, you are pissing on my leg”

    “Son, that is a President prerogative”

    Typical (D).

  5. Well,…..Tony Kornheiser is gay, such is speculated about Michael Wilbon, “”The White House did not identify the fourth member of the presidential golf party””(Reggie Love maybe) and the Press ain’t invited!! Anybody wanna bend over and get a divot from this crew???

  6. Unslung, it was probably Bobby Titcomb, former flight attendant and customer of Honolulu tranny hookers. Also rumored to be one of Barky’s druggists. He’s such a well-known ne’er-do-well that Barky prefers to be discreet with his name when he’s in town.

    Anybody know where Mooch was this weekend? She must hate all of Barky’s butt buddies.

  7. This is an example for when Barky’s job is finished.

    He’ll just disappear unannounced,
    leaving generations of destruction in his wake.
    The Media, the ‘pundits’, the Congress (in name only) will all be left in his wake, scratching their heads and talking even more crap than their usual, trying to explain how “none of this should have happened.”

    And Barki and Mooch will sail off unnoticed, laughing all the way.

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