Obama Feels “Personal Insult” Trump Is Gaining With Blacks

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Since Hillary’s collapse last week (both physically and with her “deplorable” gaff), she has lost close to 20 points with Blacks in a recent tracking poll.  Obama, at an appearance last night, stated it would be a “personal insult” if Blacks didn’t turn out for Hillary.

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  1. Well Obama’s position as the Democrat Party “porch n*gger” is in jeopardy if he can’t deliver his peoples’ votes. Don’t see why he can’t, look at all the stuff he has in common with them. Um, give me a minute. Well for one thing he’s black, well sort of. He had a tough upbringing in poor surroundings, um no I guess that’s not right. I know, he’s a Christian! No, no I guess he’s not judging by his actions. His parents and grand parents were blac…. ok that doesn’t work either. He cares and loves his country like the majority of the black population, damn wrong again. He plays a lot of golf while the world burns. Well that is true but not relevant. Hell if I was the black community after what this bastard has done the country, the world and them I’d be happy to take the opportunity to vote Trump and insult the sob, personally.

  2. What an arrogant, out-of-touch shitpickle. There are plenty of blacks who are tired of dindonuffins, a crap economy, no jobs for the unemployed and stagnant wages for the ones lucky enough to have jobs. They are impressed with Trump’s record as a businessman and know that he can stimulate our moribund economy to Make America Work Again.

    But let’s address the real issue: these are the blacks who dare to want to leave the plantation. That’s why Obama is so miffed at them–they didn’t hold up their end of the bargain so he could retire with a great legacy.

    Not only is the emperor wearing no clothes, he’s also got a vulgar slogan tattooed on his ass. Hats off to all voters of any race who realize this.

  3. Hell, if he wants to be insulted he should just read iOTW.
    We got the time, desire and motivation to give it to him, both of Crazy Joe’s barrels.
    If I was a black man I’m pretty sure I would be insulted he tried to tell me to vote for a sick, lying, drunk white criminal.

  4. Barry, blacks have a name for your personality type.
    It’s called a: “Bitch ass Ni&&er”
    What it means is that they are on to your game, and see through your ‘front’, and know what comes out of your mouth is all bullshit.
    Embrace the suck, Barry.
    You have the rest of your life to be ridiculed.

  5. Yep @Lazlo, for the rest of his life the usual suspect deplorables will ridicule him at every turn.
    If he were wise, which he isn’t, he would retire to quiet reflection like Bush, otherwise he’s in for a roast.

  6. That’s such a racist attitude coming from him, it’s hard to know where to begin to criticize it. Let’s start with Mascot Politics. “His People”?! Wow. More grist for Trump’s mill.

  7. I don’t know why he’s surprised. He has troll-signalled to blacks his contempt for Hillary for years. It’s hard to undo all of that in a few of speeches about himself for the Clinton campaign.

  8. There are reports that he’s told some of his media buddies that if Trump wins he won’t step down. For the good of the country you understand

  9. Another sign now tattooed across his girly chest with moobs…”I SOLD OUT TO BIGGER CROOKS THAN ME- THE CLINTON CRIME SYNDICATE”.

  10. Hey Barry, draw a big circle. That’s the universe. Now put a little dot in the middle. That’s the center. Now draw an arrow pointing to the center and label it ‘Not Me’. Let that soak in.
    That ought to harsh your messianic ego buzz.

  11. It’s a personal insult to have a jihadist and narcissist sociopath as the President of the United States.
    Hopefully, by the grace of God, on election day, a high percentage of black Americans are willing to insult Fairy Barry even more and vote for Trump.

  12. If he won’t step down following inauguration of Trump, the secret service has the obligation to forcibly remove him and jail him. Send for the USMC. They will do it gladly if the Secret Service has sold out.

  13. So what he’s saying to blacks is, you’ve been voting dem for 60 years and we expect you to continue to mindlessly pull the lever.

    And we’ll continue to promise you things will get better.

    Some blacks are finally understanding the definition of insanity.

    And Lord, the arrogance of this POS. It’s meter pegging.

  14. How can this be happening? Gallup says the standard of living now is better than it was when Obama took office. So “his people” should be clamouring to stay on the plantation.

  15. So, you want blacks to vote for Hilary because they’re black and so are you and they will insult you if they don’t?
    You racist bastard
    Ted Cruise made more sense at the GOP Convention, and he was an asswipe.

  16. What I keep wondering is why? Is Hussein so worried about his POS legacy being rent into scraps? Or is it his boss’s boss, Soros, ordering him to get on the black horse charger (and not side-saddle) to save Soros’s bacon?

  17. Massa Obama don’ wan’
    hiss House Niggas
    goin’ off da Democrat Plantation.

    I mean,
    *God forbid*
    American blacks act and think
    for themselves! (/s)

    * TRUMP 2016 *

  18. “Obama Feels “Personal Insult” Trump Is Gaining With Blacks”

    Goldenfoxx feels a “personal insult” that Obama was elected just because he was black.

  19. I still don’t understand what the Left feels is Obama’s legacy? Even if they count Obaamacare as a good thing (lol), Nancy Pelosi is the one that got that porker passed, Obama really had nothing to do with it, except as a suggestion.

    Lousy economy, rampant unemployment, riots everywhere, cop killings, knock-out games, college crybabies…those are Obama’s legacies…certainly nothing to be proud of.

    The son of a bitch deserves to be insulted, often.

  20. The racist Divider-in-Chief is upset that blacks are not voting for his voting plantation party?

    That’s rich given he is not black, but biracial.

  21. How can a guy who licks other men’s assholes be “insulted?”

    Personally, or otherwise?

    He is a liar, a thief, a traitor, a corrupt politician, and a murderer (Awlaki) who is bereft of honor – so, again, how can he be insulted?

    izlamo delenda est …

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