Obama is bummed that reporters forgot his birthday

Charlie Spiering

Charlie Spiering


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  1. You miserable rotten seditious treasonous Bastard. You SHOULD be spending your birthday locked up in federal prison.

  2. I accidentally watched this live; first time Ive listened to Hussein since 2011 or so. Holy frick man has he lost it and I mean worse than ever – he loses his train of thought mid sentence, he digresses badly and says more “uuhhh” and “aahhhh” than ever. What a f’n disgraceful incompetent pos. Obviously we all know that but I was shocked at how much worse he’s gotten.

  3. Yonkers is bummed that with the border, VA, IRS, Bergdahl and Benghazi, Obama REMEMBERED his birthday.

  4. I’ve been imagining what he’s going to do once he finally leaves office. He’s either going to be loud mouthed and obnoxious, so annoying he’ll make Jimmy Carter look lucid, or he’s going to die of a heroin overdose.

  5. “I thought you guys were going to ask me how I was going to spend my birthday.”

    Nope, we don’t care. Next question.

  6. That video sort of captures the reality of his approach to his job. He mentioned his birthday. One reporter on the left of screen sort of did a ‘whatever’ and tried to do his job and ask a serious, grownup question. Got blown off. But the one obedient reporter who fell on her knees at the alter to worship Bam Bam’s Bday got recognition.

    Another day in President Narcissus’ life.

  7. Mr. President, MY birthday happens to be on Inauguration Day, and twice in the past six years, YOU’VE been my “present.”

    Now THAT’s a bummer.

  8. “Obama is bummed that reporters FORGOT his birthday.”

    The PERFECT gift! For the man who has NOTHING… 🙄

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