Feds fly illegal unaccompanied ObamaKids to ALASKA

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Breitbart TX

HOUSTON, Texas–As unaccompanied minors continue to illegally cross the Texas-Mexico border, President Obama’s Health and Human Services (HHS) has been quietly releasing them onto U.S. soil. A total of 30,340 unaccompanied minors have already been released from federal custody and placed into foster homes, according to HHS’ Office of Refugee and Resettlement (ORR). While many migrants have been released in border states like Texas and California, others have been set free in Alaska.

A spokesman from HHS confirmed to Breitbart Texas that as of July 7, five unaccompanied minors were released in Alaska. “Between January 1 and July 7, 2014, a total of five minors were discharged from the Unaccompanied Alien Children program to sponsors in Alaska,” the spokesman said.

The trip from McAllen, Texas–where the current border crisis is occurring–to Anchorage, Alaska is a nine and a half hour flight. This is almost double the time it would take to fly the migrants back to their home countries in Central America; a flight from McAllen to El Salvador takes just over five hours, according to Google Maps.


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  1. Chuck the brown bear to Ollie the black bear.. “Damn, your right Ollie, these little Obamabeaners do taste like taco’s!”

  2. The Wizard of Oz de Øbamboozler, who would be the first to say “there’s no place like home” (if he only knew where “home” was), has no problem flying unaccompanied children to Alaska and Hawaii, but for some strange reason he can’t fly them HOME! We have a federal government doing what would otherwise put the average over-taxed-paying citizen in a United States Penitentiary and forever ruin their lives! Welcome to the new Communism of crazy Leftist, unnecessary, over-reaching, over-bearing, out-of-control “Pen and Phone” dictatorial “regulation” and the pretzel-logic wrap-around laws of Liberal Utopia where they are not above using kids as political fodder!

  3. It’s gonna be a hoot to see them complain and demand they be sent to warmer climes during the winter. Mark my words, they will be complaining and demanding.

  4. You’re all wrong.

    The diseases are shipped to conservative areas in liberals states and to anywhere in a conservative state. Why do you thing DC and Shitcago have NO disease-carriers forced upon them?

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