Pelosi freaks out during House floor session

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WOW! Republican angers Nancy Pelosi so much she chases him around House floor during session!

In a raucous moment during the last session of the House of Representatives Friday evening, Republican Tom Marino reminded the Democrats that they had years to solve the immigration problem when they were in power and they didn’t have the courage to do so. This got Nancy Pelosi so angry she jumped up on her chupacabra hooves and ran after the congressman, berating him and pointing her skeletal finger at him.



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  1. Perfect opportunity to break her neck and not be held culpable.

    He could have saved the country a lot of grief.

  2. Piglosi doesn’t rise to the level of an East European parliament fist fight between Socialist and Communist party drunkards.

    But she’s trying in her own lame retarded, SF-pinko way.

  3. I don’t think “ran” is an appropriate way to describe her actions. From what little was visible in the clip she, at best, hobbled.

  4. I am still waiting for Pelosi to take in a few of these duece-dropping “Jesus” children into her own home.

  5. Is there some provision in our Constitution for removing rabid skunks from the floor of the senate? That’s a public safety matter, there.

  6. I like the part where Nazi Pelosivic went to the press and gave a statement that she accepted Marino’s apology to her.

    An apology he did not give or offer.

    That right there encapsulates Democrats for the last 6 years. Create the conflict and then try to drop the gun in your lap while trying to seem above it.

  7. Every day, multiple times a day, these commies prove they are just a bunch of crazy ***holes, terrorists who want to bring our country down.

    If she had a shred of honesty in her she would have followed the rules and defended the Left from her own mic. But no, she didn’t want her crazy remarks entered to the record. What a predictable snake.

  8. Pelosi FINALLY crosses the aisle …… albeit with gavel in hand and threats on her lips……Congressman Marino hit the right note, but, he should have kept swinging and hit the “leftist-nut”…………..

  9. I would have loved to hear the audio of Pelosi’s freak out. That seems to be one narrative she can’t abide, that they had control of government for 2 years and all they did was Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, spend trillions in “stimulus” and cash for clunkers.

    When the Roman Senate became superfluous at the dawn of the age of Emperors, the members must of looked and behaved a lot like modern day Dems.

  10. He should have asked her whether she’s gone off her meds again. I still wonder why the church hasn’t excommunicated yet. I also wonder whether she goes to church and takes the communion sacrament. In any event, I suspect when her time comes she’s going to find herself Teddy Kennedy’s handmaiden.

  11. This video doesn’t show the whole episode. I saw it live and
    there was more…looking for a more complete video.

  12. A SHAMEFUL DISGRACE…..Piglosi is disturbed beyond Bat-shit Crazy…she is now a danger to those about her…time to lock her away…find the nearest dungeon in Romania somewhere near Vlad’s place…hehe.

  13. End-stage syphillis will do that to you. I had this “rabid skunk” (thank you, Claudia!) as my rep for too many years in SF; my hatred runs deep. Every time she opens her bunghole I fantasize about taking her gavel and applying it forcefully to her hideous botoxed painted face.

  14. F*ck her. Crazy old woman. If she wasn’t in the House, thanks to the dumbass Cali commies who keep electing her, she would be living with 50 cats under an overpass. Just like the other rats, she thinks that Congress is a circus to showcase their liberal crap. So tired of them screwing America over.

  15. I swear,the shrew scared the crap out of me! What an unsettling video with the harpy coming out of nowhere with her skeletal finger! I swear, it immediately reminded me of that scene in Exorcist 3 in the hospital where the possessed nurse appears on scene with the giant scissors ready to shear the night nurse’s head off!

  16. It’s true though, they had WDC in an iron fisted death grip for 2 whole years, all they did was pass obamacare, celebrate their victory and spike the football until the wakeup call in 2010.

    Whoops. They forgot about everything else barry promised on the campaign trail.

  17. Pelosi came around that corner like a bat out of Hell. Guess she decided to go after Rep. Marino in her true form.

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