I want to be an illegal

Daily MailIt is estimated that it will cost roughly $74,000 a day for the housing of 532 immigrants, averaging out to $140 per person per day.

Inside Texas’ new ‘family-friendly’ immigration suite: $74,000-a-day center opens with basketball courts, flat-screen TVs and free healthcare for illegal residents

  • Each suit will also include a flat-screen television and a landline phone
  • Estimated cost to house the immigrants over their 23 day stays will be $140 a day per person
  • Officials have not disclosed to cost of renovating the site
  • Furthermore, a dentist will be provided on site, children will receive physicals 24 hours after arriving while women receive the same medical attention within one week. Every detainee will also be allowed to choose six sets of new clothes, socks and shoes as well.
  • Lucero oversaw the center’s overhaul to include a soccer field, basketball court, ping pong table, and weight room.
  • There are plans to build a playground as well.


  • The children will be able to go to school and use a library from a San Antonio charter school.

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  1. I bet the inner city folk are pretty steamed about this. Although I scarcely think these perks include much of anything the typical welfare cheat can’t already get for free anyway.

    Methinks it’s like when two siblings are given identical things and one is mad because they didnt get special treatment.

  2. “The children will be able to go to school and use a library from a San Antonio charter school.”

    Again, it’s probably a Gulen charter school, run by Turkish Muslims. Either the journos covering this are incurious, or they are being coy with naming the school. Governor Perry, you need to wake the hell up. Something is rotten in Texas.

  3. Who did they get that old hotel from. I hate to say it, but you’ll probably find a board member of the charter school owned it and made a pretty penny from a crony deal selling it to the Feds.

    We had a Gulen school here in Metro Atlanta, and they were notorious for inside dealing, no-bid contracts with school board members and general bad business practices. They even hoodwinked the city of Alpharetta into a bond for their school construction, which they promptly violated the terms of and eventually defaulted on.

    Their public charter was revoked, but they continue to operate as a private entity for now. Somebody needs to connect the dots in San Antonio, and elsewhere, no doubt.

  4. Obummer promised blacks stuck in crime infested slums with sh*tty schools, that they would some day live like these illegals. He never delivered. Blacks will continue to blindly vote democrat. Sh*tty schools are paying off big time for the democrats. Oh, and surely the angry blacks and the illegals are going to get along just fine.

  5. Huh. I have neither a TV nor a landline.

    Why are newly arrived legal aliens living better than I am?

    Juat askin.’

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