15% Discount at Diner For Praying Before Meal


A little prayer seems to go a long way—especially if you’re about to eat at Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winstom-Salem, NC. Traveling for business, Jordan Smith received a 15% discount off her bill there because she prayed before eating, NPR reports. Smith posted a pic of the receipt on Facebook (including the discount of “15% Praying in Public ($6.07)”), and it went viral after being reposted on a Christian radio station’s Facebook page this week. Some questioned its authenticity until the diner confirmed that “yes, if we see you praying, you get 15% off your bill.” The discount has triggered an online debate, including posts like:


  • “Prayer discounts? Do you give prayer discounts to people who aren’t of your religion? like Sikh’s or Hindus or Muslims or Jews?”


16 Comments on 15% Discount at Diner For Praying Before Meal

  1. Some people just aren’t happy unless they are bitching and moaning about something. The first comment says it all about these miserable bigoted little turds.

  2. I’m still finding it amusing that atheists are upset over someone they’re absolutely certain doesn’t exist.
    (And these are the ones who are somehow superior to those of us who aren’t atheistic?)

  3. I see the homo wedding cake-type kerfuffle starting all over again. It’s kind of blatant as well as naïve.

    Better to offer the discount in exchange for a church program flyer.

  4. “…I pray to the devil…. he gives me an extra 25% off. to that’s a kool 40%. And if i add “Please let this shop go bankrupt” even 50% off…”

    This was one of the comments – so pathetic, so full of anger and bitterness. These people have no inner peace – so sad.

    And Matthew 6:5 has absolutely nothing to do with someone who prays for the benefit of God, and truly gives thanks to Him for His blessings.

    It is meant to berate the hypocrite who prays for show for others to see, for his own benefit.

  5. Some people…

    I have a ‘friend’ that I can’t share good news with because she gets jealous and mad at the fact it didn’t happen to her. Sucks the joy right out of me.

  6. I like it. And, Matthew 6 has nothing to do with a humble prayer before a meal, no matter where that meal is. It is an admonition of those that have a “look at me” intent to their prayers.

  7. @ crazyeighter- I have a baseball cap with Air Force Veteran embroidered on it. I get discounts when I least expect it. 20% at Ace Hardware is the most useful one.

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