Obama Jokes White House Pastry Chef Puts Crack in His Pies


Monday at the White House while hosting a reception to observe LGBT Pride Month, President Barack Obama call his White House Pastry Chef Bill Yosses “the crust master” because the president said, “I don’t know what he does—whether he puts crack in them.” But the president continued he had to adopt a no weekday pie rule.

Laughing and applauding, the first lady Michelle Obama added, “There’s no crack in our pies.”


Oh, I’m pretty sure he enjoys some type of crack.

image: obowo

27 Comments on Obama Jokes White House Pastry Chef Puts Crack in His Pies

  1. Since 94% of blacks voted for this mixed race bastard, I hope they’re proud of him. They own him and all the damage he’s caused them, including future costs.

  2. You’re a funny guy Mr. Prez; YOU ARE A VERY FUNNY GUY. You crack me up, you’re so phucking funny.

  3. Speaking on terms his people understand. Unbelievable.

    If democrats had any shame, they would be embarrassed to listen to this man – but they don’t, and they’re not.

  4. “The Chef” (Reggie Love’s new title) has been putting a pony of baloney into Obama’s crack.

    The teleprompter hiccuped and it came out wrong.

  5. So why is the Crust Master leaving?

    Could it be that he smells the torches and senses the pitchforks?
    Like Jay the Carney, git while the gittin’s good.

  6. If you didn’t know he was an America-loathing commie that comment would make all the sense in the world.

  7. Uncle Kink,

    He’s not my president. My president would be an American not this crackwhore of a Kenyan.

  8. This is what happens when you take away the teleprompter. BS starts coming out because that’s all that is in there.

  9. HahahaLOL, we’re into Ramadan so naturally Barry starts thinking about the things he loves that he has to put on hold while he rubs his magic ring,
    Crack (the drug; Reggies; Mooch’s surgically created crevice; the place he hides his stash in the WH; and a never ending stream of wise cracks). No wonder he’s on edge, his favorite evil Mooslim holiday is cramping his style.
    Maybe he should put a pie on it till the swelling goes down.

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