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Obama Openly Calls for Fascist Control of Speech


In the background of politics and government interests, there has been a visible shadow discussion barely visible behind the opaque glass door.  Today, that door opened, and Barack Obama stepped out and delivered a speech.  Now we get significant clarity on the movements CTH has been warning about.

It absolutely does not come as a coincidence that former President Obama delivered THAT speech today about misinformation and disinformation amid the intelligence community effort to control information and social media.  The timing tells a story, specifically the timing just a day after former Obama administration intelligence officials wrote a letter {SEE HERE} warning about efforts to break up the information control by Big Tech and Social Media.

The intelligence apparatus does not want the public-private partnership between government and big tech social media, that they created during Obama’s term, interfered with.  President Obama steps forth to put an exclamation point in place by saying the public-private partnership must control information. More

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  1. Just by the way…I never refer to women as ‘cunts’. That is unsavory and rude. But Barack Hussein Obama is a cunt.

    I wanted to clear the record on that. B

  2. ^ And WHO is he working for, REALLY?! We know BIDEN is owned by the Chinese and various oligarchs, but what about Obummer? It’s not clear – and it never has been, actually.

    The shit is afoot again.

  3. “The Demos are following Turdeau & The Canadian liberals.”

    That doesn’t explain who he’s attached to. It’s China. George Soros now answers to China. It’s all China all the time. Who influences Disney? It’s China. Who subsidized CNN? China. Watch China take our food from us when the shit hits the fan. Socket Puppet Joes already made it so.

  4. “Obama Openly Calls for Fascist Control of Speech”

    Game on.

    “All your wifes pants have dick holes in them.”

    “Yo mamma a 5 dollah whore who accepts EBT.”

    “Both yo daughters look like someone slapped them in the face with a pack of hotdogs.”

    “Kamala Harris can fit both her fists up yo ass.”

  5. His ego is so big he couldn’t stand just pulling Biden’s strings from behind the curtain.
    And he always lets people know what he’s doing.
    Now he’s presenting ending free speech as a safety measure.
    Just like fascists and dictators have through history.
    It’s for the good of the country and for our own good.
    The media plays along like dumbazzes. They’re the first to be censored. Willingly right now.

    Obama can pound sand. Phony.

  6. Smartest MF’R in every room he walks into , as far as He knows . It takes a very closed mind to think that any idea that runs counter to your own is false , to not even be picked up , looked at , listened to , or considered . Any kind of problem solving relies on analytical thought and consideration of all facts . To deny this is too funny . He really is quite the privileged dandy . Blagojevich was right , he is blacker than Obama . Aw shit we’d never have the wheel if people believed his line(s) of shit . Somewhere out there in the U.S. today there is a guy or gal changing a water pump , waiting on tables , running a snake down a septic line , maybe even camped out under a bridge that could run mental laps around Obama and could by far be a better President than ANY President in the history of our nation . We could do better in the House and Senate by picking random names out of a phone book , or sending baboons to D.C. covered in post it notes from the folks back home. Misinformation my ass , he’s talking about one way fucking earplugs .

  7. Barry – the gay Marxist grandstanding narcissist once again craving attention. Also, attempting to rescue his puppet, Demented Joe’s disastrous legacy.


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