Obama Portraits to Tour the Country in 2021

Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama will tour the nation from June 2021 through May 2022 so more people can make the “pilgrimage” to see them.

0bamas official portraits

43 Comments on Obama Portraits to Tour the Country in 2021

  1. They will get more exposure and be seen by many if posted to the outside of the weekly garbage truck and travels throughout the county. Of course people may throw their garbage cans full of garbage at them when they do.

  2. Hiding that manly ‘apple’ with the man hand. Not so clever painter.
    Should have hired Pyongyang Propaganda LLC. The old Kim Jong Il jumpsuit would have filled that out nicely.

  3. I heard the images are being installed later on huge billboards at Martha’s Vineyard with 24 hr lighting for the little people to adore.

  4. Boy nothing says class like these two. Hey you fakes, can you show us some home movies of the girls with you when they were 1 to 6 years old? No, didn’t think so.

  5. If my pet monkey flings poo at them, will –

    A) Anyone NOTICE?
    B) Anyone CARE?
    C) Will I, or the monkey, get in trouble? 🤔

  6. how come big mike gets to commit cultural misappropriation by sporting a non-african-american hairstyle in the portrait

  7. That will be a short scary pictures tour. At least 34% of black voters no longer care about these two despots and will be voting for President Trump’s second term.

  8. @ Toenex

    I wonder if those two kids miss the charade they had with The Worst Couple.

    Marty Nesbitt and Anita Blanchard aren’t returning phone calls. No wonder there.

  9. don’t these pieces of crap live in the Hall of Presidents at the National Gallery? who decides if they are loaned out? hopefully they’ll never come back and Its’ Presidency will be erased entirely. until then, sure, tour the bath houses of America…


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