Obama “Scales Back” Birthday Bash Due To Optics, Not Covid

Obama reportedly has scaled back his 60th birthday party because of the “Delta surge.”


First of all, it should be canceled altogether.

Second of all, he only “scaled it back” because even a narcissist like Obama knows when he looks like a moron in the news.

This must be killing him, to not be adored by hundreds and hundreds who would tongue his toes at his Martha’s Vineyard soiree.


“Due to the new spread of the Delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends,” Obama’s spokeswoman Hannah Hankins said in a statement Wednesday morning, The New York Times reported.

“He’s appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon,” she added.

Obama’s decision follows a report by The Post, which cited a source as saying the former president was creating a public health “nightmare” by trying to get nearly 700 people to his party amid a national surge of the variant and new restrictions.


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  1. “…hundreds and hundreds who would ̶T̶o̶u̶n̶g̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶t̶o̶e̶s̶ lick his ass…”

  2. …everything ELSE about his “birth certificate” is a lie, so is even HE sure the DATE isn’t?

    …asking for Dr. Ukulele…

  3. I thought the 500 hundred guests “were” close friends and family.
    I guess his low rent relatives from Kenya just got booted.
    Contributions and lavish presents will be accepted.

  4. ^^^ …lavish presents will be accepted”
    my guess is, that he’ll get multiple werks of art dun by hunter
    anonymously purchased, anonymously given

  5. He is a complete narcissist and total phony – but I want to comment on the 500 “close friends” who were planning to make the trip to suck his toes. None of them considered the optics of them gathering for a super spreader event or the carbon footprint?

    Never mind, that was a rhetorical question. These are the same folks who fly in private jets to a climate change conference or hire a massive yacht to travel to Rio for the Olympics while crying about rising sea levels – looking at you Leo.

  6. Still not sharing that piece of pie eh?
    Is the lawn under water yet?
    Are they hiring lots of illegals to run the place?

    Just more typical hypocritical libs

  7. Nantucket airport has 3 runways. One is 6300′ long easily accommodating private jets. Then it’s just a quick hop aboard a (private) ferry to Mt. Obama. The carbon footprints of these hypocrites just for a free meal, drinks and to wish this POS “happy birthday” is epic. I hope they all get food poisoning and world class diarrhea.

  8. @Stop the World…

    Yes, but these “friends” travel on our behalf & for our good. They eat, drink, & party all so we do not have to do it ourselves. They save us from over eating, drinking, & having to buy our own yachts, planes & Limo’s.
    Thank God for them.
    Where would we possibly be able to dock yacht or build a Helicopter pad. All that Caviar, goose liver pate’ & Champagne certainly cannot be good for our hearts.
    Also, he uninvited the waman’s soccer team. Bad optics without the Gold Bling Bling.

    Lucky for me, My Prime Minister eats, drinks and travels on my behalf so that I can stay home a work.

  9. @Bobcat

    Donald Young, Larry Bland and Nate Spencer will be attending in spirit, even if they can’t be there in person.

  10. Too bad, I was actually thinking it could have been bigger. It’s hard to imagine a bunch of people I’d rather see get the Covid.

  11. Saw this on American Thinker but I thought I’d share –

    Rep Hank “Guam” Johnson declined his invite out of an abundance of caution. He is concerned that the super spreader party with 500 guests and 200 servers might cause the Vineyard to capsize.

  12. However the multi millionaire African race baiter would still like you to donate to his presidential library! He is only three billion dollars short of the cash needed to build a gigantic building (in the form of a phallus) in which to house copies of his five unconstitutional orders, and his phoney birth certificate and college transcripts!

  13. …huh, an amoral, power hungry scumbag thinks he makes a deal with the devil for the peasants to die of a horrible disases as his best buds celebrate with debauchery in his castle to mock the sufferring they caused outside.

    …where have I heard this before…


    …I only hope Barry gets a similar ending to HIS party, just sayin’…

  14. His 60th birthday ass kissing didn’t go as planned.


  15. Scaled back = 650 guests. The ones who can’t make it are on photo shoots, concert tours and/or movie sets.

  16. Hey, by the way… where in hell is the mother-in-law?
    There can’t be many voodoo chickens on Martha’s Boneyard.

  17. Damn it — I wanted a target-rich environment and some enterprising person, who has a drone equipped with a nuclear-warhead.

  18. You can safely bet it is going at full capacity. Only reporters and those not “approved” would not be allowed to attend.
    Obama is a certified narcissist and he needs the attention.
    It is all about him. He does not care if this harms others.

  19. I could not imagine a worse job than being a spokesperson for the jug eared jackass. I, for one, would rather blowtorch my own eyelids off than to work for him.

  20. SNS, That was one the creepiest, most evil Vincent Price movies I’ve seen. He was a true master of the macabre.
    BTW, would not be surprised Barry is a high priest or supreme warlock of a more than one coven.

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