Obama: ‘So Sue Me’


President Obama issued a taunt to Republicans during a speech Tuesday, saying “so sue me” for taking executive actions on various political issues without Congress.

“As long as they insist on taking no action whatsoever that will help anybody, I’m going to keep on taking actions on my own that can help the middle class, like the actions I’ve already taken to speed up construction projects and attract new manufacturing jobs and lift workers’ wages and help students pay off their student loans,” Obama said in Washington.

“Middle-class families can’t wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they’re doing nothing, I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something.”

Obama added he felt Republicans were “patriots” but they had antiquated views on the economy.



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  1. I wonder how many battles this ass hole thinks he can fight at one time? None of those special forces he’s sent back into battle are allowed to collect combat pay. I hope he keeps pissing them off.

  2. The pubs have no balls…..because he’s a halfrican….plain and simple. He’s w on ‘roids when it comes to executive orders..

  3. we the people know who’s got the flawed theory

    didn’t look like much of a crowd cheering on preezy downlow

  4. Taunt is the word. He’s creating a new catastrophe at least weekly. The repubes go along with it because they are vying for their niche or trying to keep their niche in the ruling class.

    He’s trying to taunt the patriots into rebellion and then declare martial law. We have to keep our cool.

  5. When will the Secret Service quit coming to work or at the very least do their job at a reduced 50% effective rate, when?

    If they gave a shit about their country , they would stay at home until this asswipe is no more.

  6. I know there have been times in the past where we thought he’d try to phony up an assassination attempt, but he is flailing so desperately that it’s like he wants to goad somebody into trying for real.

  7. On his deathbed, the Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus is said to have told his sons, “Enrich the soldiers and despise everyone else.”

    All he’s got left is a losing hand bluff, trying to prod the scrotum deficient House weasels to jump before the mid-terms.

    Sue & he’ll tie it up in the courts while making hay on the racist Republicrats. He expects the knee-jerk beta male Boenher response to divert attention from all is many felonious doings.

    Wait for the tsunami mandate coming in November, then attack from the high ground.

  8. “didn’t look like much of a crowd cheering on preezy downlow.”

    Texas Gun Owner, I have yet to hear about the first fainter on this road show.

  9. What happened to the oath to uphold the laws of the United States???

    Yeah, I know, it was nothing but lies from day one.

  10. I remember when Gary Heart threw down the gauntlet to the media: So catch me he said. They went after hin tooth and nail, and they did.
    Now the Dictator says “so sue me.” They won’t sue you your Highness, you know that.
    I remember when President Reagan was shot and Alexander Haig, Sec of State, I believe, said something like “I’m in control, everything is under control.” Something like that. He was trying to console a greiving nation but the liberal made it look as though he was trying to take over. They went apeshit on the Constitution;they crossed every “i” and dotted every “t”. “He’s not next in line, the Vice president is next in line,” they told us, ad nausium. It went on and on, night after night. “Haigh is not in charge.” We fucking knew that you fucking assholes.
    But last week the Dictator tells us If Congress dosen’t act, I’ll do it on my own “To help the middle class.” Not a peek from the media. Most of the talking heads are actually trying to tell us he’s right. They haven’t touched on the Constitution. The media dosen’t have a clue.

  11. Whenever that asshole starts talking about belping the middle class, check your six. The middle class is his mortal enemy. Fucking loafer waving his skinny arms around with his sleeves rolled up like he’s getting to work makes me want to wring his goddam neck.

    OK, I need a drink now.

  12. We have the establishment Republicans to thank for this is absolutely right. They created this monster and enabled him as he consolidated his grip. John Roberts also owns quite a bit of the blame, that man is a disgrace to the country and an out and out traitor.

  13. ” I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something.”

    Wait a minute, didn’t he go to Europe and middle east apologizing his ass off and bowing to every Tom and hairy Dick, for what our country had done over years of trying to keep peace in the world. The past presidents (most) tried to do something to be good leaders to this country, so why did he feel he should apologize then? I’m so mad I can’t get my point across very well.

  14. Jerry , no he has other people do that for him to take the pressure off. Guard your school age children. We’re do.

  15. If my boss wasn’t getting work done and talked shit about me to his boss, in front of me, I’d be a bit less overjoyed to work with him on a daily basis. Fire me, or quit, you asshole.

  16. Not clever by half. He is an complete ass to try to make a joke about Boehner’s suit against him. Idiot. Loser.

  17. This guy is acting more and more desperate and irrational. I ask myself whether he is insane?!

    He is panicking; everything he touches turns to shit and he no longer has the adulation which he so craves.

  18. as long as the ball sucker/licker in chief Val the Impaler keeps telling Barky how he is GOD in the flesh, he will continue down his one way trip to total dementia….someone should help her to the other side first and watch Barky implode…

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