Hong Kong: More Than Half Million Protest to Demand Democracy


HONG KONG (Reuters) – More than 510,000 people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Tuesday to demand greater democracy, organizers said, in what would be the largest demonstration since the city was returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

Police put the turnout at 98,600, according to local media.


image: commonswiki

9 Comments on Hong Kong: More Than Half Million Protest to Demand Democracy

  1. We can has demokrisy

    It’s gonna take a while, or maybe we will be next to go down the flusher

  2. Hong Kong, you picked a bad decade to quit communism. All we got to offer is a two-ring circus featuring a windsurfing horse and a loose bear. They both can talk, but not real good.

  3. sorry but that fucker at newsmax keeps pushing that amnesty bullshit every week” should “somebody” grant amnesty

    last month he wrote some shit piece about fucking jeb jeb could beat hillary if he could just pass “immo reform”

  4. British Rule – 140 years of capitalist freedom
    ChiCom Rule – 17 years of socialist hell

    Bill Ayers thinks the residents of Hong Kong should be grateful they no longer have to put up with capitalist freedom.

  5. Actually, they’re as far from a socialist hell as you can get. Economically speaking, they’re still the freest territory on Earth.

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