Barry Half White

Fired employee suing company over racist paint names

A black worker named Clinton Tucker claims in court that Benjamin Moore paints fired him after his repeated complaints about their “despicable and racially insulting paint colours called ‘Clinton Brown’ and ‘Tucker Chocolate.'” Tucker, from Newark, New Jersey, is suing the company in Essex County Court. Tucker, who identifies himself in the 16-page filing as an African-American homosexual male, claims that when he started working at Benjamin Moore in June 2011 in their Digital Marketing department, “it was clear to the plaintiff that he was not part of the traditional culture” of the company.

Tucker says that major problems started for him when he launched the online arm of the company’s Main Street Matters campaign. In that campaign, he claims, “one of the colours launched in the Williamsburg colour collection was ‘Tucker Chocolate.'” Tucker says that “being a black man named Clinton Tucker, the plaintiff found this to be extremely racially offensive” and that “when this was mentioned at a meeting with at least eight people including his supervisor, this was met with awkward silence.” Tucker adds that “in addition, BM has a colour called ‘Clinton Brown.'” He claims that “a BM employee pointed this out to the plaintiff and thought it was funny.”


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  1. From now on. Numbers will be used instead of names
    All sports teams must change to the number system.
    Paint will have numbers only.
    All vehicles etc.
    New borns will be given numbers from now on.
    Cars will use the number system
    IOTW will now be called 567439765. Get used to it.
    (I wonder if numbers can be racist?)

  2. A few years ago a black congresswoman was upset because hurricanes were always named Mary, Nancy, Bob, Kevin, Richard, etc., but never Kenesh’a, DeJuan, LaQesda, D’Shash, or Barack.

    Make up your frickin’ minds!

  3. That’s why the number system is the way to go.
    Names are black or white male or female
    Numbers have no gender or race associated with them.

  4. In related news, Benjamin Moore has announced new names for the offensive paints:

    –Mother Tucker
    –America’s First Black President Brown

  5. That’s not a phone number it’s my new number name.
    You can’t tell if I’m male or female,black or white.
    That’s the point. It’s the way to go.
    Obama’s ,number would be 666, but you knew that.

  6. …identifies himself in the 16-page filing as an African-American homosexual male…

    He’s gay? Really? I never would have guessed. Not a bit of drama here, nosiree.

  7. Numbers instead of names..i can see 88 being banned straight off. No big surprise there.

    I’ve so had it with the church of the perpetually aggrieved.

  8. Thankfully, those paint names have been around for *years*.

    This is just another colorful, nuisance lawsuit.

  9. They do have Brilliant White @Dan Ryan Galt.

    Is that racist?
    They do have “Milano Red”, “Gypsy Rose”, “Pinata”, “American Cheese”, “Moccasin”.
    So racist!

    Clinton was probably really mad that they didn’t name “Flamingo Pink”, “Tucker Pink” instead.

  10. Sorry, but I don’t think the “number system” will work.
    For the paint colors, how about keeping it simple…
    – “Brown”
    – “Light Brown”
    – “Lighter Brown”
    – “Lightest Brown”
    – “Green”
    – “Dark Green”
    – “Darker Green”
    – “Darkest Green”
    Morons like this clown would probably like it.
    Or…they could go to the PMS (Pantone Matching System).

  11. So he basically wants someone to pay him because he’s ashamed of his skin color. If people like this were not ashamed of who they are, they wouldn’t see offensiveness everywhere. It’s called projection.

  12. Oh for crap sap sake…..what next? Expecting the stupid fuck to pay his water bill? Some people just have everything stacked against them.

  13. This wasn’t about his chocolate brown color, it was about his flaming fag self.

    Perpetually offended is no way to live your life, son.

  14. Maybe somebody should dig up Forrest Tucker so he can join the suit over Forrest Green and Tucker Chocolate.

    What a steaming crock of shit.

  15. I guess I’m too behind on urban jargon and just don’t understand. What is racist or offensive about Tucker or Clinton? And Brown is a legitimate color isn’t it? Am I missing something? They didn’t name them after him specifically, did they?

    Blowing my own anonymity on here, my first name happens to be Gay. My mother named me way back in 1949 when all it meant was joyous or happy. I’ve had it! I want to know who I should sue. I smell a lot of money coming my way!

  16. “Red-neck Red” and “Cracker White” paint names would completely defuse his case…

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