Obama to Coerce Silicon Valley into “Back-Door” Digital Surveillance

He’ll use any opportunity to get some back-door action.

obama stoned

BigGovernment: The Obama Administration’s new Countering Violent Extremism Task Force is an effort to coerce Silicon Valley tech companies to cooperate in encryption back-door digital surveillance.

The task force will encompass staff from the FBI, Homeland Security, Justice Department, National Counterterrorism Center, and other federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to supposedly prevent “extremist groups” from using social media to radicalize and mobilize recruits. The State Department is also establishing its own task force called the Global Engagement Center to work to prevent digital recruiting.

The early December terrorist attack in San Bernardino represents an existential threat to President Obama’s legacy and the fortunes of the Democrat Party in 2016. Over the last six weeks, President Obama’s disapproval rating has steadily risen to 52 percent and his approval rating has fallen to 45 percent, according to Gallup.

The President’s numbers are about 20 percent worse than the average for a U.S. President in his fourth year after an election, and such numbers are often associated with a “negative coattail” effect for the President’s party at the next election.  more

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  1. Gosh, I wonder how they will define “extremists.” I suppose that will include any parent who objects to common core; anyone who would dare to slander the prophet of islam (cause “the future does not belong” to them! We cannot have people telling the truth about the warlord pedophile muHAMMad!); and also anyone who feels Taxed Enough Already.

    If you thought the NSA was intrusive, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

    Obama is going full Stalin.

  2. We know from past experience what the Benghazi Bullshitting, Peace-Prize Stealing, “You Didn’t Built That”, Lying/Denying, Manchurian Doorknob considers “extremist groups” to be:
    We also know why he likes the back door approach and it’s not just cuz he loves leading from behind…

  3. David Chaum has what appears to be a workable compromise (those are very rare). I’ve not given his suggestion enough though to come to a conclusion yet, but it is interesting. It does at least piss everybody off to some degree, and that’s usually a good sign.

    (The link is to Wired which has annoying but as far as I can tell harmless ads. ScriptSafe is your friend!)

  4. That’s what the national gun registry the leftists are always on about is for. That and veterans of the armed forces.

  5. With socialism, nothing is ever what it seems to be. Everything … EVERYTHING … they do is a subterfuge, a lie, a deceit, a prestidigitation, a legerdemain to further their agenda and confound their opposition (us). They cannot abide beauty, Freedom, Liberty, good will, love, kindness, God, light, honesty, honor, and Truth. They chafe and grind their teeth at comity. They positively seethe with rage and sputter inane absurdities when confronted with reason and logic.

    This is another excuse to diminish the freedoms and liberties of actual Americans while using the ill-defined “extremist” as a foil. Another attack on the 1st Amendment by the FedGov, rather than by the denizens of our academic ghettoes (who are also statist totalitarians).

    Notice they left out “izlamic?”

  6. Is this a bad time to talk about Linux, and GPL’d software generally?

    Because, Obama’s sekret back doors aren’t going to be sekret there.

    This stupidity is just going to drive more companies into bankruptcy, because nobody is going to use their products anymore.

  7. “The Republicans were crushed in 2008 over disgust by women and younger voters with the raging Middle East turmoil…”

    Not to nitpick here, but is that what they’re being taught in Kollidge now?

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