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Obama To Lift Ban On Federal Highway Tolls

States were barred from charging tolls on federal highways, Obama is set to lift this ban.

Tolls cause pollution and cause stress. The government does not care about pollution or your health, they care about grabbing your money.


Tucked into the GROW AMERICA Act, the White House’s $302 billion transportation bill, is a toll provision that calls for eliminating “the prohibition on tolling existing free Interstate highways, subject to the approval of the Secretary, for purposes of reconstruction.”

It also allows states more flexibility to use toll revenue for repairs “on all components of their highway systems.”

The proposal reflects the growing need for new sources of funding to maintain the nation’s aging transportation infrastructure. But it’s also a slippery slope — any driver knows that once a toll is in place, they become a handy tool for milking motorists. Tolls, for instance, just increased on I-95 and elsewhere in Maryland last year.


If tolls went directly to maintaining roads they could be covered in platinum.

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  1. After a few years of Interstate tolls, the New York Times will write an article about the strange, unexpected resurgence of business and traffic along the old federal highways, which were turned into backwaters by the Interstate system.

  2. “…We would never tell a state or a local project sponsor to toll,” he said on the call, adding, “but…”

    …if you want to be eligible for future federal highway matching fund grants…

    The fed is the pusher, the state is the junkie, and federal money is the drug. The pusher says, “if you want more smack, you will do what I tell you.”

  3. I’ll fly to Florida instead of driving next vacation. Can’t wait till that turd is out if office.

  4. At this rate, your employer needs to pay the state your salary, and the state will surrender your negative balance back to you when it feels the need.

  5. @I’ll fly…

    The airlines are already collecting massive fed tolls. And Florida is going to be one of the biggest implementers of Interstate tolls, so visit soon. And watch out for the Florida Turnpike.

  6. I thought that the money used to repair and maintain roads were already collected through ‘Gas Taxes’ every time you fill up.

    What the hell happened to THAT money?

  7. We already pay a road toll. It’s part of the cost of each grossly taxed gallon of gasoline or diesel we buy.
    Where’s that money going?

  8. Also, remember that all the “save the planet” high mileage cars cut down on gallons of fuel purchased, which results in reduced amount of per gallon taxes.
    They also are trying to mandate GPS mileage monitors so that even those hybrid save the planet cars will be charged a per mile fee. Wait until some of these save the planet types get their fair share miles driven fee.

  9. Yes, the exorbitant gas taxes are supposed to go to repairing our transportation infrastructure, as was the stimulus bill (remember crumbling roads and bridges?), as well as the last several bloated transportation bills.

    If this keeps up, there’s a storm coming.

  10. As a far more observant friend pointed out, this will kill interstate trucking to the benefit of Warren Buffet’s railroad concerns. Goods hafta be shipped, and I would bet we will see some sort of break for, or promotion of, rail.

  11. The Democrats want all of us riding the trains and other forms of public transportation. They want us to give up our cars and depend on Big G to get from point A to point B.

  12. I disagree that it would kill interstate commerce. I think it will add tremendous costs to goods and freedom, though. Taxes and fees get passed on to the consumers. Basic principle of biz. Like renters are the real payers of landlords’ taxes.

    Has anyone given thought to how this is also a way to track people? No license plate scanners needed.

    Limiting the freedom to travel must give the libs a woody when they think of it.

  13. Who needs it? I’ve never abandoned the scenic joys, the American cultural discoverys and the pedal-through-the-firewall ecstacies on long, lonsesome two-lane blacktops. I see a resurgence of Route 66 type roadside delights.

    ‘Course long commute megalopolis workers are gonna dig deep uness they tele-commute & work from home. Every single thing Soetero does is to screw (to use a words he’d understand) the Bourgeoisie et Petite Bourgeoisie.

    If it don’t make whitey squeal it ain’t real.

  14. Cut out a couple of Mooch’s vacations and put her on a school lunch diet she’s so fond of, and we could rebuild the entire interstate system.

  15. P.S.
    Gas prices have been hovering around $4.40/gal for Regular for the last couple of weeks around here (SoCal). Last weekend at one station, it was $4.75.

    Thanks, barry, you little scrunt.

  16. when they first build I 35 from Texas to Minn, they put in a provision to allow the smaller states to charge a toll for a “short” time to help with the cost. Kansas started charging at that time and has ever since on the FREEWAY!! We tried to get them to stop several times but every time it comes up they start crying about how it will kill jobs. Because now they employ tons of people to sit at these booths and collect money.

    There is no such thing as a temp tool or tax.

    Resist this we “much”

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