UC Berkeley charges students to attend their own graduation

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  • Students who don’t purchase by Wednesday will be unable to attend their own commencement.


  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) is slated to speak.

The University of California – Berkeley makes its students pay to attend their own graduation ceremony.

Students who do not purchase the $10 tickets by Wednesday will not be able to attend their own commencement, according to the school’s official website.

Tickets for guests are also $10.

“[The money is] to absorb the cost of commencement,” Lila Blanco, director of external relations and the Office of Protocol at the university, said in an interview with The Daily Californian, the school’s official newspaper.

“It’s huge,” she added.

This features of this year’s ceremony will include food, flowers, snacks for kids, and a keynote address by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

After this story’s initial publication, Rep. Pelosi’s office told Campus Reform that she is not being compensated for speaking.

Students will not have their names read off at the ceremony.



19 Comments on UC Berkeley charges students to attend their own graduation

  1. if Nancy Pelosi is going to speak, the school should be paying the students to attend.

  2. @Mohammed you beat me to it. That was my first thot too. And it should be a pretty big payout too. Like enough to pay off any student loans.
    Can you imagine having to sit in a gown and listen to that voice. Noise cancelling headphones would be your only option.

  3. Turn in the cap and gown, get your diploma, leave.

    If they all did that, what a statement!

  4. Like the gas bill around here. A $6.99 per month customer charge. You pay to be a customer. Gee, isn’t that special. And the $6.99 is subject to 6.5% tax as well. Extra special. Now you can use your gas, after you pay the hookup charge, delivery costs, and infrastructure charge, and the first 400 therms are twice the price of the rest. Yet, somehow after all of that, they still manage to get my name on the bill!

  5. The portable showers they’re going to have to supply for everyone to bathe after hearing botox barbie speak are damned expensive…

  6. Hell will freeze before I’d pay to hear that lying sack of monkey shit lie to me.

    I didn’t attend my Plumbing School graduation, and sure as shit wouldn’t attend that.

  7. UC Berkeley charges students to attend their own graduation.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) is slated to speak.

    The inference that this is a fundraising event is COMPLETELY fabricated.

  8. Let’s see: Paying tribute to 4 years of intense studying topped off by a speech from a blithering idiot whose freshman year application would be laughed at. How inspiring.

  9. Cry me a river. For the first time in their lives these future socialists will have to pay for their own expense.

  10. But BERKLEY!

    The typical Berkley student will be thrilled to hear Nancy P. speak for only $10.

  11. Lon Chaney’s sister needs more piano wire to stretch that mug. Protocol at Berkeley. Is the motto: Do what you want to do? Better call Jan Napolitano, head of the system there. Many things will be seen. Will the masses be penalized for saying something? Like a hate crime?

  12. I don’t see a problem with this. It is purely an exercise in vanity. They are already paying to rent their caps and gowns. $10? That’s less than it costs to park on most campuses.

    There is not a single graduation I have been to that I did not wish I could skip. There is not a single speaker whose words I needed to hear. Just pick up your diploma at the student services office after they verify your final check cleared. Done.

  13. @Mohammad’s pink swastika

    If Pelosi’s going to speak, they would have to make me attend at gunpoint or least supply the rotten eggs and tomatoes.

  14. I see that she still has that wicked blower’s cramp. You’d have thought she’d have written something in Obongocare to get rid of it!


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