Obama Visits Grandpa’s Grave For 4 Minutes, or, About the Time It Takes a Foursome to Tee Off.

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President Barack Obama made time to visit his grandfather’s grave during his two week Hawaii vacation. According to the White House pool report, Obama and his daughters took the 30-minute drive from their vacation rental home to his grandfather’s grave. The visit lasted about 4 minutes.

Here’s the pool report:

President Obama’s motorcade made its way to Honolulu, passing by stunning vistas while occasionally being slowed by congested roads. After a 30-minute drive, Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia arrived at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific at Puowaina Punchbowl Crater.

Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham, is interred at the cemetery.

The president was not visible to the pool during a short visit.

Four minutes after arriving, Obama and his daughters were back in the motorcade. The next destination is unknown.

After departing the graveyard, Obama took his daughters to the zoo:


Honestly, of all the sh!tty things Obama has done, one might question why this bothers me so. I think it shows a small mind for both Obama and his kids.

At that age, in that place, I would ask my father questions about his grandfather. I’d want to be told a story. It’s just the right thing to do.

And if I were Obama I wouldn’t allow that visit to be a token one. Why go if you’re going to nod at the gravestone like the Griswalds at the Grand Canyon?


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  1. What a F’n Jerk Wad.
    Remember Obama is Like Sargent Shultz.
    He knows no one and knows nothing.
    Obama “I never met the guy”
    (I swear)

  2. I guess it didn’t take all that long for Chairman 0 to empty his bladder.

    I’ve always gotten the impression that little Barry resented his “typical white” family quite a bit so I guess it’s a wonder that “Gramps” even got four minutes.

  3. It makes sense that he would hate his white side. Just like his grandmother with the (half) black grandson who is afraid of a group of black men.

    At least that was the story as he told it.

    Four minutes. What a shame. Someone who was looked on to unite the country by so many shows us day after day what a douche he is.

  4. His entire existence is owed to his mother’s life mission to get back at Daddy and his Kansas cracker ways. Her twat had more homies up in it than the Superdome during Katrina.

    The WH pool didn’t cover Obama’s solemn visit to his mother’s old bedroom where mourned the hundreds of millions of his hal-brothers crusted into her old mattress. He always wanted someone to play basketball with. Instead, little Barack was forced to play “horse” by himself. *sniff*

  5. Griswolds at the Grand Canyon — great comparison!!

    BTW, this is an important piece of evidence of the narcissism of Obama. What this shows is a complete rupture of all family connections. This is the guy who raised him after his mother left him; saved him from becoming a ward of the state. And this is the respect he has for him?

  6. There are some African cultures who do not treat grave sites as we do. Perhaps he just heard the drums of his homeland and got the hell out.

  7. Four minutes. Just long enough to pee on it?

    I know I would. It’s on my “to do list”…along with Clinton’s grave and a list that would take up too much band width to include here.

  8. After departing the graveyard, Obama took his daughters to the zoo…..
    to visit the panoramic paddock their mother was born in.

  9. Obama family values: don’t attend church service during their holiday stay and spend 4 minutes at the grave site of “Gramps”. What a good example to set for your daughters.

  10. Unless he’s been DNA tested I refuse to believe any claim to any grandfather.

    If this guy says something is so then it is reasonable to believe 180 degree the opposite.
    Herr Schicklgruber would be proud of him, though…

  11. Was “Gramps,” a veteran? I am under the impression that that cemetery is for US military.
    Anyway, that place is HUGE! And I don’t think it’s possible to drive graveside, so four minutes to actually get to a marker . . . is pushing it.
    This rendezvous was not for him, his grandfather or his daughters. It was for the Oregon “Cheerleader,” et al.
    The cemetery is also stunningly beautiful. And sobering. Made me feel indebted and grateful.

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